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It's clear now that HTML5 will have an huge role in the evolution of the next generation of Web Applications. It also contributes to a paradigm shift, from applications that concentrate most of the logic on the server-side, to applications that execute mostly on the client-side. This calls for new levels of code protection.

Without protecting your code, pirates may:

  1. Violate your license agreement

  2. Steal secret algorithms

  3. Steal your code, to reuse it

  4. Leak altered versions to the Internet

Built to protect HTML5/Canvas Web Applications

  • The leading JavaScript protection solution in the market
  • The only one that has been especially tailored to protect HTML5/Canvas
  • Protects your Web Game code without hurting performance
  • Enforces your licensing
  • Domain locks your code
  • Discourage others from stealing/hacking your code
  • JavaScript Obfuscation fully compliant with all major browsers and platforms

And it works out of the box with



Sencha Architect

Sencha Architect

Dojo GFX

Dojo GFX

Compliant with

  • HTML5/Canvas
  • SproutCore
  • Ember.js
  • Blossom
  • Sencha Architect
  • Dojo GFX
  • KineticJS
  • bHiveCanvas
  • Jo
  • jcotton
  • fabric.js
  • Cake.js
  • ChemDoodle
  • Raphaeljs



I found JScrambler to be the best and most efficient option to hopefully reduce hackers from grabbing my demo code and using it without purchase.



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CEO StreetViewNews Pty Ltd,

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