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JScrambler Mobile Edition is the most advanced solution for protecting your Mobile Web Application. It relies on JavaScript Obfuscation, but, contrary to other solutions, has been tailored to give the best protection for devices with limited resources. JScrambler also optimizes your code by applying minification and compression. You get protection and optimization in a single step.

What are you risking?

Without protecting your code, pirates may:

  1. Violate your license agreement

  2. Steal secret algorithms

  3. Steal your code, to reuse it

  4. Leak altered versions to the Internet

Main Benefits

  • The leading JavaScript protection solution in the market
  • The only one that has been especially tailored to protect Mobile Web Applications
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Protects you application without hurting performance
  • Optimizes your code in terms of size and speed
  • 100% compliant with all major mobile platforms and JavaScript Mobile frameworks
  • Enforces your licensing
  • Domain locks your code
  • Discourage others from stealing/hacking your code

And it works out of the box with





JQuery Mobile

JQuery Mobile

Compliant with

  • PhoneGap
  • Appcelerate Titanium
  • Adobe Edge
  • Jquery Mobile
  • XUI
  • Jo
  • The-M-Project
  • Dojo Mobile
  • GloveBox
  • jQTouch
  • Sencha Touch
  • jqpad
  • iScroll
  • EmbedJS
  • zepto
  • Mobilize.js



We have been using JScrambler for over a year now. For us, protecting our web and mobile code is crucial. JScrambler is doing an excellent job helping us protect our intellectual property and substantially reducing fraud, especially in games.



João Carvalho

CEO and Founder, Ubbin Labs

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