What's New in JScrambler 3.5

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Protection breakthrough: Self-defending HTML5/JavaScript

JScrambler continues to innovate in JavaScript protection. JScrambler 3.5 introduces Self-defending capabilities to HTML5 and JavaScript applications.
Now your application is able to actively protect itself by detecting source code modification attempts and debugging activities, and breaking down intentionally to mitigate the attack. And all it takes to trigger this defense is a single character being changed.

New Code Traps for improved licensing enforcing

  • Browser lock - Does your application require some browser specific feature? By using Browser lock, you can now make sure it won’t run if a different browser is used.
  • OS lock - If you developed an HTML5/JavaScript for a certain mobile that you don’t wish people to be able to execute it on a different platform, with or brand new OS lock you can enforce it.
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Greater control of the source code transformation

Now you can instruct JScrambler while you're writing JavaScript!
No one knows your application better than you. Then you should be able to tell JScrambler how to behave in certain parts of the code. You may want to bring all the guns to protect a certain security sensitive part where you keep a secret, or you may want to cut a little bit on the obfuscation in performance critical parts of your code. The "Ignore code blocks" brings the power of source code annotations: with a simple annotation you can disable or switch between transformations just on specific block of source code.

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Minification and Compression for free

From now on you can minify and optimize your JavaScript applications with JScrambler for free! Minification and optimization are industry standards which you can get from JScrambler using our easy to use Web Application Interface or integrating it in your build process using our Web API and one of the ready to use API clients.

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