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What's New

Jscrambler 4.0 is here! Packed with new features, a fresh interface and several improvements.
Take a look at the highlights!

Jscrambler 4.0


Untraceable Protection

Our team of JavaScript security experts has gone a step further into making sure any attempt of attacking or reversing your application is unfeasible.
With Jscrambler 4.0 all transformations work together to make sure that your application’s code is transformed into a complete distinct and obfuscated version with each protection. Every time it runs, your code will take up a new form so that no traces are left behind to potential attackers.

Boosted Protection

New cutting edge transformations

We added 11 new transformations to our list of unique others already available and that make Jscrambler the only solution that is capable of actually protecting your JavaScript application. Special mentions to the possibility of making your control flow completely flat and the new option of extending predicates to make them harder to reason about. Two incredibly resilient techniques, among many others, that will make your application inscrutable.

New Platform Concept

Application Management & Creation

Jscrambler 4.0 was developed to meet the needs of the application developer, be it web, mobile, node.js or other. Thus, a switch to an app-centric platform was a clear path for us. Easily creating your app, swiftly managing its different versions, effectively protecting it and deploying it with the assurance that your business is as safe as possible - those were our goals and we guarantee you’ll enjoy the experience.

Refreshed Interface

Even more developer-friendly

The new Jscrambler Protection Platform was thought and designed to give the ultimate experience for developers wanting to choose the ideal protection features for their JavaScript Application. The new Side-to-Side tool allows you to have a preview of the original and the transformed code at all times, making it easier to understand the resilience and potency of every applied transformation.
The choice of transformations and where you apply them has gotten also simpler and straightforward. You can pick each target you want to transform, be it strings, variables, functions, you name it, and see the effects on your code in real-time.

User Annotations

Protect when you want, where you want

Jscrambler 4.0 brings yet another enhancement to an existent feature - Ignore Code Blocks - that will bring even more flexibility and control to the process of fine-tuning the set of transformations that will protect your app.
From now on it will be possible to change the transformations’ behavior using code annotations (a.k.a. code comments), namely allowing to:

> Enable/disable a transformation
> Enable/disable a language target
> Customize transformation parameters
> Change transformations order and repetition

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