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Securing Javascript
Securing the Web


24-28 February - San Francisco, USA

Don’t miss the chance to meet with us if:

# 1

Your company has web or mobile JavaScript applications and you want to ensure that they are protected against tampering and reverse-engineering.

# 2

You want to prevent Magecart-like web supply chain attacks and prevent $230M+ data breach fines.

# 3

You want to see live examples of Jscrambler protecting JavaScript code and keeping intellectual property safe.

# 4

Your applications are using third-party scripts and code dependencies and you want to understand how exposed they are to Magecart attacks.

# 5

You want to learn more about how Jscrambler’s technology fits your specific concerns, use case, and processes.

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Jscrambler's technology is trusted by more than 43,000 companies and individuals, including Fortune 500 businesses. Our business partners include Intertrust, Arkose Labs, Telerik Progress, Kunder and FriendMTS.