Framework Compatibility

We develop Jscrambler to be the most compliant JavaScript protection solution in the market and work seamlessly with all major tech stacks. Jscrambler is successfully used in thousands of use cases and we regularly perform compatibility tests for major JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

How We Test Compatibility

Automatic Testing


We run the Unit Tests for the Framework/Library


The Framework/Library is protected with Jscrambler


We run the Unit Tests for the protected Framework/Library


If the results match, the automatic test is successful

Manual Testing

We perform manual testing using a predefined set of applications, to ensure full compatibility


We create all the documentation for integration and troubleshooting
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Jscrambler Compatible

Jscrambler is compatible with all the main JavaScript Frameworks, Libraries, and tools.

Compatible Frameworks

Looking for a Framework or Library?

Looking to protect a Library or Framework not shown here? You can suggest it in the box below, and we will include it in our roadmap.

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