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Jscrambler Client-Side Security Platform

Leverage real-time threat analytics and runtime protection to seamlessly protect the client-side of your web and mobile apps.

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Defense in depth

Prevent client-side attacks with our multi-layered approach that protects user data and mitigates fraud.


Detect all signs of malicious behavior in real-time, regardless of the attack vector.


Get actionable insights about threats and adjust your security posture accordingly.


Mitigate attacks at runtime by blocking malicious behavior and unauthorized data access.
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Protect every website component, from code to runtime

Stop the most complex zero-day client-side attacks by ingraining security controls in your source code and extending them to the runtime of your web and mobile applications. Built for flexible, frictionless deployments.

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Application Shielding

Resilient obfuscation, environment checks and runtime defenses that protect your app’s source code to prevent reverse-engineering, tampering and malicious data exfiltration.

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Webpage Inventory

Detailed report of all the scripts and data exchanges happening on your website, allowing you to easily vet resources, streamline the onboarding of new vendors and detect client-side threats.

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Third Party Management

Real-time monitoring of third-party JavaScript running at the client side, coupled with a powerful and flexible rules engine that blocks compromised third parties and prevents attacks.

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The missing piece of your DevSecOps workflow

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Adopt a defense-in-depth approach by ingraining security controls in every stage of your DevSecOps workflow.
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Deploy protected code, monitor for threats in real-time and automatically mitigate attacks.
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Breaking Barriers in Application Security

Recognized By The Industry

Our technology is recognized by Gartner on the Market Guides for In-App Protection and Online Fraud Detection, and the Hype Cycle for Application Security. Jscrambler is also recognized by Deloitte as one of EMEA’s fastest-growing tech companies.
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Unmatched Capabilities

Using a unique holistic approach, Jscrambler prevents client-side attacks in real-time regardless of the attack vector. Our approach doesn’t rely on signatures, leads to reduced false positives, and is easier to configure and maintain.

Mature Technology

Our solution is the only one to include extremely resilient code protection of the monitoring agent to prevent bypass. It is optimized for minimal performance impact and proven in the most demanding production environments.
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“Since integrating Jscrambler, we have consistently passed strict penetration testing and delivered secure mobile banking apps to our clients.”
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Mohamed GamilCEO & Founder of dotConnect

Start protecting your code and mitigating threats at runtime

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