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Runtime Protection

Mitigate attacks to your apps at runtime and keep your users and data secure.

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Consistently Keep Attackers Locked Out

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Attackers go the extra mile to breach web and mobile apps, through extensive reverse-engineering and tampering with the app at runtime.
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Jscrambler Code Integrity gives self-defensive capabilities to your apps, preventing dynamic analysis and mitigating debugging, tampering or poisoning attempts.
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Deploy Battle-Ready Apps

Prevent Dynamic Analysis

Using anti-debugging and anti-tampering mechanisms coupled with polymorphic obfuscation and code hardening, Jscrambler Code Integrity makes it extremely hard for attackers to reverse-engineer your code at runtime, consistently frustrating them so they're likely to move on to other targets.

Trigger Custom Countermeasures

With Jscrambler Code Integrity, you can trigger a combination of different reactions whenever a threat is detected. Break the app, redirect attackers, clear their cookies, receive a real-time alert, or trigger a custom function to keep attackers locked out.

Addressing Application Security Standards

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Protect your source code

Conceal and protect your source code with resilient obfuscation, environment checks, and runtime protection, preventing tampering, poisoning, and reverse engineering.
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Maximize your app's resilience

Meet all the required resilience controls for mobile apps outlined in OWASP MASVS-R and recommended by Gartner, whether they are fully native apps or hybrid mobile apps.
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How Jscrambler Provides Runtime Protection


Scatters integrity checks in the code that immediately break the application when a tampering or debugging attempt is detected.

Dead Objects

Protects the application by injecting traps throughout the code that are triggered whenever attackers use a debugger.
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An alternative anti-tampering technique that preserves the application integrity by restoring the program behavior in the event of a tampering attempt, without disturbing the user experience.

Memory Protection

Cyphers sensitive data while it passes through the client-side, closing off the window of opportunity for attacks and maximizing the secrecy of sensitive data.

Fully integrates with your workflow

Full Support for JavaScript Frameworks

Seamlessly integrate Jscrambler into the build process of any JavaScript framework.Check our tutorials on:
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Protect Native Code

Gain full coverage in mobile apps by protecting native and platform-specific code through integrations with the Jscrambler CLI.
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Seamlessly Integrate With Your DevOps Toolchain

Automate source code protection in your DevSecOps workflow and ensure that every version you deploy is protected.Check our tutorials on:
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Endorsed by Industry Leaders


Jscrambler's technology is trusted by companies listed among the Fortune 500, top 20 banks, and top 5 OTT providers.


Our business partners include GitLab, PCI SSC, Verimatrix, Zimperium, Intertrust, and FriendMTS.

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