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Third Party Management

Gain full control of all your third-party JavaScript and reduce your exposure to web supply chain attacks.

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Reducing Exposure to Third Party Risk


Of the typical website’s code comes from third parties (such as chatbots and analytics tools).


Different third-party JavaScript components end up running on an average website.

Control third-party scripts

Jscrambler provides efficient Third Party Management, allowing you to define comprehensive rules that control what third-party JavaScript can and cannot do on your website.
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Gain Full Control Over Third Parties

Full Visibility of Third Parties

Ensure that no external script or resource is running on your website without your awareness and stay on top of every action that each script takes.

Powerful Third Party Control

Easily block any type of malicious or unwanted behavior coming from third-party JavaScript, regardless of the attack vector.

Seamless Vendor Onboarding

Easily screen each new vendor, observing how scripts behave and ensuring they adhere to your policies.

Meeting Data Protection Regulations Heads-On

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Enforce your security guidelines

Define and control the types of data that specific third parties can or cannot access, enforcing your privacy policy and terms of service.

Easily mitigate attacks

Receive real-time warnings if any third party starts displaying malicious behavior and mitigate the attack immediately, keeping your users’ data safe.
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How Jscrambler Manages Third Party Risk

Actionable Website Inventory

Detects all the scripts running on your website and the data that they're accessing, giving you a clear picture of your exposure to third parties.

Powerful Control

Using a flexible and powerful rules engine, Jscrambler reduces your exposure to third-party risk, allowing you to block, by default, any form of malicious behavior in your website.
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Real-Time Observability

Delivers full visibility over the behavior of your third-party JavaScript, including any attempt to leak user data, tamper with forms, or modify your website.

Intuitive Script Vetting

Simplifies the process of onboarding new scripts, allowing you to quickly detect and validate known scripts and take action on potentially dangerous ones.

Endorsed by Industry Leaders


Jscrambler's technology is trusted by companies listed among the Fortune 500, top 20 banks, and top 5 OTT providers.


Our business partners include GitLab, PCI SSC, Verimatrix, Zimperium, Intertrust, and FriendMTS.

Gain visibility of all the scripts running on your website

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