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Webpage Threat Mitigation

Mitigate client-side attacks in real-time regardless of the attack vector and keep your users safe at all times.

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Redefining the Rules of the Client-Side

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Your website’s client-side is a security blind spot that can lead to attacks such as web skimming, formjacking, and customer journey hijacking.
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Jscrambler’s Webpage Threat Mitigation allows you to redefine the rules of client-side security to effectively block threats in real-time regardless of the attack vector.
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Web App Client-Side Protection

Always Remain in Control

With a very powerful and intuitive rules engine at your disposal, you will easily block malicious client-side behaviors and prevent attacks in every user session.

Granular & Flexible

Combine high-level rules aimed at preventing attacks with very granular rules aimed at mitigating specific threats, maximizing your security posture.

Proactive Security Approach

Take a proactive stance to protect your website and your users’ data by ensuring that any client-side threat will be blocked at its inception, regardless of the attack vector.

Meeting Data Protection Regulations Heads-On

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Airtight restrictions for data access

Maintain a secure data handling environment at the client-side, only allowing data access under airtight restrictions.
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Full control of third parties

Enforce data management policies with third parties by having total control of how, when, and where they access your users’ data.
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Mitigate web skimmers in real-time

Ensure that attackers can’t leak your clients’ credit card information using Magecart web skimmers, blocking these attacks in real-time.
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How Jscrambler Mitigates Webpage Threats

Powerful Rules Engine

Controls every single client-side dimension, including access to forms, cookies, local storage, or sensitive data, connections to external domains, DOM mutations, injection of fourth-party code, and much more.

Mitigation of DOM-Based Attacks

Protects the user experience by mitigating any DOM tampering attack, such as pop-ups, price comparison tools, and other types of customer journey hijacking.
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Real-Time Observability

Monitors the behavior of each of your website’s scripts in real-time, providing actionable security insights that can be readily converted into new rules.

Endorsed by Industry Leaders


Jscrambler's technology is trusted by companies listed among the Fortune 500, top 20 banks, and top 5 OTT providers.


Our business partners include GitLab, PCI SSC, Verimatrix, Zimperium, Intertrust, and FriendMTS.

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