Make Your JavaScript App Self-Defensive Against Attacks


JavaScript Web Applications are being used by virtually all tech companies in the world today, from startups to Fortune 500 organizations. Increasing amounts of logic are being shipped to the browser because of this. There is a need to interact with critical data such as user credentials, personally identifiable information, credit card numbers, etc - in other words, very sensitive information.Because JavaScript is highly dynamic, it's very easy to interfere with the apps behavior and its execution environment, thus there are risks that need to be addressed.Don't miss the chance to join our first webinar and watch Jscrambler's CTO, Pedro Fortuna, talking about the importance of protecting your JavaScript Applications, and how that can be achieved. Beyond his work at Jscrambler, Pedro is a seasoned AppSec specialist, multiple-time speaker (OWASP AppSec, Finovate, Bsides, Fullstack, etc.) and author of several patents in application security.

By registering for this webinar you will:

Learn the current state of the art regarding the integrity of Web Applications;
See different scenarios of attacks to the client-side of Web Applications;
Learn how to prevent these attacks with an enterprise-grade solution.

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