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You want to try the leading JavaScript Protection Platform trusted by more than 43,000 companies and individuals, including Fortune 500 companies in sectors such as Finance, Media, Gaming, e-Commerce or Health.


You have a JavaScript application, be it web, mobile, node.js or other and you want make sure that your application is tamper-proof and works exactly how you developed it.


You are a security professional wanting to make sure your JavaScript Applications will always work as they are supposed to, are tamper-proof and warn you when under attack.


You don’t want to lose your competitive advantage and let your competitors read your JavaScript code to steal important algorithms or violate licensing agreements.

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Jscrambler's technology is trusted by more than 43,000 companies and individuals, including Fortune 500 businesses. Our business partners include Intertrust, Arkose Labs, Telerik Progress, Kunder and FriendMTS.