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Data Leakage Prevention

Safeguard your users’ data on your website by mitigating client-side attacks like Magecart web skimmers and data leakage.

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A Key Threat Damaging Your Business

Lack of visibility

Your website’s client-side is a security blind spot and this endpoint can easily be targeted by malicious actors.

Client-side chaos

The average website today runs 35 different third-party components. Each of these can be compromised and breach your website without your awareness.

Zero client-side control

These leaks stay active for weeks or even months before being detected, resulting in massive data breaches.
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A New Layer to Protect User Data

Full Coverage of Data Exchanged at The Client-Side

Gain full visibility over every network request that happens at the client-side and a real-time summary of all potential data leakage incidents.

Proactive Security Approach

Avoid a breach of compliance with data protection regulations by ensuring that any attempt to leak user data will be blocked at its inception, regardless of the attack vector.

Protection Ingrained in The Source Code

Protect your client-side source code with cutting-edge obfuscation and runtime protection capabilities that prevent the leakage of sensitive data, as recommended by OWASP and NIST.

How Jscrambler Prevents Data Leakage

Real-Time Observability

Delivers full visibility over the behavior of each of your website’s scripts in real-time. Nothing will happen on the client-side without your awareness.
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Leakage Insights

Provides the full details of each data leakage attempt, continuously improving the rules engine so that leakage attempts are blocked immediately, regardless of the attack vector.

Powerful Control

Automatically blocks malicious client-side behaviors, such as data leakage attempts, using a flexible and powerful rules engine. Stop the attack before it ever unfolds.

Improving Compliance with Regulations & Standards

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Breaking Barriers in Application Security

Recognized By The Industry

Our technology is recognized by Gartner on the Market Guides for In-App Protection and Online Fraud Detection, and the Hype Cycle for Application Security. Jscrambler is also recognized by Deloitte as one of EMEA’s fastest-growing tech companies.
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Unmatched Capabilities

Using a unique holistic approach, Jscrambler prevents client-side attacks in real-time regardless of the attack vector. Our approach doesn’t rely on signatures, leads to reduced false positives, and is easier to configure and maintain.

Mature Technology

Our solution is the only one to include extremely resilient code protection of the monitoring agent to prevent bypass. It is optimized for minimal performance impact and proven in the most demanding production environments.

Endorsed by Industry Leaders


Jscrambler's technology is trusted by companies listed among the Fortune 500, top 20 banks, and top 5 OTT providers.


Our business partners include GitLab, PCI SSC, Verimatrix, Zimperium, Intertrust, and FriendMTS.

Gain visibility of all the scripts running on your website

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