About Us

From code to webpage, Jscrambler is the #1 security solution to tamper proof your web application

How It Started

Jscrambler started as AuditMark, back in 2009, when developing a solution to fight click-fraud in advertising campaigns - a web traffic audit mechanism that was JavaScript dependent. There was no tool capable of protecting JavaScript in the market so the need was met and Jscrambler was born. The solution has evolved since its first version and made a giant leap forward in terms of resilience, potency and efficiency, attained through a lot of investment in R&D. The name of the flagship product became also the name of the company. Nowadays, Jscrambler has offices in Porto and Lisbon and protects companies spread all over the world.

The Technology

Most products designed to somewhat hide the JavaScript or give an apparent idea of protection rarely go beyond simple regular expression transformations. They can be easily reversed in minutes. However, Jscrambler is a JavaScript interpreter and parsing engine that creates an Abstract Syntax Tree representing your source code. Because Jscrambler understands your JavaScript, it secures your HTML5 and JavaScript in a way that the protected code executes with the same functionality as the source. This approach allows the product to be easily and affordably maintained, enabling it to evolve naturally and providing it with the ability to produce enterprise-class security. This is achieved through adding several layers of security on top of the obfuscation, something that makes Jscrambler unique in its approach. Features such as code traps and locks, self-defending techniques - anti-debugging and anti-tampering - and of course the real-time notifications, which make it possible to monitor everything that is happening with your JavaScript Applications.
Self-Defensive App
Jscrambler is much more than a JavaScript protection’ solution, it is a full client-side protection and monitoring solution that makes sure users can run apps safely even in hostile environments. Jscrambler addresses two critical problems: DOM Tampering and code poisoning, offering real-time knowledge about them so that businesses can act on top of critical incidents, preventing losses.

The Jscrambler team works everyday to make sure you can get the latest technology to safeguard your business in today’s context.

Our Management Team

Jscrambler's CEO Rui Ribeiro

Rui Ribeiro

Co-founder and owner of Jscrambler where he co-leads business development. Professional experience in the banking and finance areas as IT Developer, team leader and Project Manager. Has extensive experience in the areas of auditing, finance, and Project Management. Originally graduated from the University of Porto as an Electrical Engineer, has later extended his skills in Entrepreneurship and Project Management.
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Jscrambler's CTO Pedro Fortuna

Pedro Fortuna

Co-Founder and CTO of Jscrambler, where he leads the application security research activities and lays out the technical vision for all the products developed by the company. Pedro holds a degree in Computing Engineering and an MSc in Computer Networks and has more than a decade of experience researching and working in the application security area. He is a regular speaker at cybersecurity conferences and software development events, including multiple-time speaker at OWASP events. His research interests lie in the fields of Application Security, Reverse Engineering, Malware, and Software Engineering. Pedro is also the author of several patents in application security.
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