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Of online gambling websites were attacked in 2022


Of attacked websites were attacked more than once in 2022


Is the growth in the number of attacks on online Gaming & Gambling web applications in 2022

The risks of not protecting your Gaming and Gambling application

Copycat applications

Copycat applications

Code can be reverse-engineered and copied by your competitors, violating your licensing agreement. Your game and business model could be at risk.

Stolen credentials and payment information

Stolen credentials and payment information

Player credentials and their personal information is introduced on the client-side of your applications and can be skimmed by attackers to take over accounts or steal personal information

Automated Abuse

Automated Abuse

By using bots, attackers can automate the creation of new accounts, to receive free credits at scale, hurting your business revenue.



Players can cheat by tampering with the logic behind the mechanics of your game, removing restrictions, accessing locked features, or gaining unfair advantages.

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Secure your business advantages

Keep your intellectual property and proprietary algorithms safe from competitors and attackers who try to steal, copy and re-distribute them.

Stop automated abuse

Protect your application from the creation of multiple accounts by the same user that can lead to illicit earnings, thus securing your business revenue.

Achieve compliance with standards and regulations

Standards and regulations such as PCI DSS, GDPR, and CCPA require management of how the client’s payments and sensitive data is accessed and transferred.

Prevent cheating

Prevent cheating by protecting anti-cheating JavaScript agents on your games from being reverse-engineered and bypassed

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