Client-side Protection and Compliance Platform

The Most Comprehensive Client-Side Protection Platform

Take full advantage of client-side JavaScript innovation, and be confident that your business is protected from cyber attacks, sensitive data leakage, misconfigurations, and IP theft.

Jscrambler enables the implementation of a comprehensive security policy for client-side protection. Our solution is built for flexible, frictionless deployment, with minimal impact on user experience.

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Comprehensive First and Third-party JavaScript Protection

The freedom to innovate securely through:

The freedom to innovate securely through:

First-Party JavaScript Obfuscation:

Implement standardized code obfuscation for all internally developed JavaScript throughout the product life cycle. Access to runtime defenses and triggers to lock code when in the presence of a security threat.

Fine-Grained Third-Party Tag Control:

Gain visibility of all website scripts, understand you threat exposure, and control script behaviour with fine-grained rules for managing sensitive data.

Best-of-Breed Obfuscation and Fined-Grained Behaviors

Pinpoint web pages capture sensitive information to identify data leakage risks and protect businesses from client-side risks:

Polymorphic obfuscation

and self-healing capabilities.

Environmental integrity checks

for first-party JavaScript.

Future-proof protection,

particularly against AI attacks using LLM.

Top-notch Performance

Client-side protection without slowdowns or disruptions to the online user experience:

Understand the expected increase

in file size resulting from any chosen obfuscation technique.

Use a hardened JavaScript agent

for third-party tag protection to ensure a minimal impact on page-loading processes.

Sweeping Security and Compliance Policies

Centralize client-side related risks and regulatory compliance requirements in one security policy:

Achieve PCI DSS v4

and maximize the protection of payment pages through additional blocking capability.

Take advantage of comprehensive dashboards

and reporting capabilities to generate assessment-ready compliance reports.

Expert Managed Services

Jscrambler client-side protection experts provide customer support at every step to:

Choose the best first-party

JavaScript obfuscation techniques.

Set up the best risk mitigation strategies,

including suitable data fencing tactics.

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