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Why JScrambler?

What impact can it have in your business,
if your application's JavaScript is unprotected?


    Reputation Loss

    Your online reputation is one of your most valuable assets. JScrambler help you to keep your applications safe and less vulnerable to fraud and other attacks. What's the cost of your reputation loss?


    Competition Loss

    Some of your main competitors may be interested in inspecting your code, because you have a specific algorithm, or just to speed-up their development process. Do you want to make it easy for them?


    Business Loss

    You invested a lot in the development of your application, and of course you what to profit from it, but what if someone changes your code and use it for free?

You invested lots of hours
in developing your JS code.
Why give it for free?

What is it good for?

  • Enhance the Security
    of your Application

  • Protect your Intellectual Property

  • Enforce License Agreements

  • Make your
    Application Faster

If you develop a security sensitive Web Application we believe that you don't want to give any bonuses to possible attackers. JScrambler enables you to conceal as much as possible, the logic of your application, such as what information is gathered from the user, how it is processed on the client-side, how it is sent to the servers-side. Since our obfuscation introduces a certain level of randomness, it allows you to explore code morphing techniques, which can be vital in precluding attack automation.
You've developed an algorithm that executes as client-side JavaScript and you want to make sure it is safe. Our advanced JavaScript obfuscation hides your algorithm and frustrates competitors that try to steal your algorithm. Development and production versions of your code shouldn't be the same, you can also use our solution to deploy protected versions of your code.
If you develop and sell JavaScript applications, be it standard JavaScript, Mobile Web Applications or HTML5 Canvas, you’ll want to prevent that someone that didn’t paid or whose license has expired to execute your code. With our solution, you can lock your code to a predefined list of domains. If someone place it anywhere else, it will not execute correctly. You can also use the Expiration Date to deliver expirable demos to your clients without incurring in the fear of code or client-loss.
We deliver code optimization transformations that can get your code smaller and with faster loading times. Our code transformations are tweaked and optimized according to your application type and performance requirements. Mobile Web Applications, to give an example, can not undertake the same degree of obfuscation that a standard JavaScript application running in a powerful CPU can take.

What tricks do we
have up our sleeve?



    Is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from source code without changing its functionality.



    Optimizes the code in terms of computational performance, but this technique is not meant to provide any protection to the code.



    Consists on the transformation of the source code to make it harder to understand without changing its original functionality.



    Set of checks throughout the code to force the Application to execute only in a certain Domains, OS and Browsers, and make the code expire on a certain date.



    Provide to JS applications self-defending capabilities, offering them extra resilience when under tampering attacks.

We have the solutions for...

  • Mobile

  • Web

  • Game

  • HTML5

JScrambler is the most advanced solution for protecting your Mobile Web Application. It relies on JavaScript Obfuscation, but, contrary to other solutions, has been tailored to give the best protection for devices with limited resources. With JScrambler you get protection and optimization in a single step.

JScrambler is the right solution to protect you! Try it now.

As you probably already know one of the key factors in this business is the ability to deliver good quality applications in minimum time. The best way to do that is by trying to reuse as many code between projects as possible. Due to the prosperity of many JavaScript frameworks, Web applications are getting more rich and interactive. But this also means that more code becomes exposed to theft.

JScrambler is the right solution to protect you! Try it now.

Modern browsers and computers are now capable of performing complex 3D operations and offer a gaming experience previously only possible in desktop games. However, today most of the computation is performed in the client-side using JavaScript. Because JavaScript is sent in clear-text, this causes the game code to be exposed, placing your business at risk.

JScrambler is the right solution to protect you! Try it now.

HTML5 will have an huge role in the evolution of the next generation of Web Applications. It is also a paradigm shift, from applications that concentrate most of the logic on the server-side, to applications that execute mostly on the client-side. This calls for new levels of code protection.

JScrambler is the right solution to protect you! Try it now.

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