Case Studies

How IdeaNova Secures Video Streaming Software with Jscrambler

Learn how IdeaNova secured the intellectual property of its video streaming software using Jscrambler’s cutting-edge JavaScript protection technology.

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Jscrambler Helps Neobanks Protect JavaScript

In this customer success story, we explain how neobanks secured their JavaScript code and increased compliance by seamlessly integrating Jscrambler.

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CAA Group Protects Millions of Motorists with Jscrambler Application Shielding

Learn how the Canadian Automobile Association is protecting their proprietary machine-learning algorithms with Jscrambler and rescuing stranded drivers.

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How NT Global is Protecting Their Hybrid App Using Jscrambler

This case study explores how NT Global prevented tampering, copycat apps, and client-side hijacking of its hybrid mobile app built with Ionic.

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How Bionano Genomics Increased Compliance with Regulations Using Jscrambler

See how Jscrambler Code Integrity was employed by this cutting-edge healthcare company to increase compliance with data protection regulations.

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How Major OTT Providers Fight Piracy and IP Theft with Jscrambler

This case study explores how Jscrambler is being used by OTT providers to increase the resilience of anti-piracy systems and keep proprietary logic safe.

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