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Of tech executives state that intellectual property such as proprietary code was their company’s most valuable asset

$6.35 million

is the average total cost of a data breach for the IT sector


Of DevOps have experienced a security incident related to a vulnerability in a third-party component

CXO & Founder of dotConnect

“Jscrambler is a key component that bolsters our security layer, thus assuring us at dotConnect that we deliver secure and trusted solutions to our clients and their customers”

The risks of not protecting your applications

Intellectual Property Theft

Intellectual Property Theft

The source code that makes your apps truly innovative may be retrieved and redistributed, putting your competitive advantage and business model at risk

Licensing Violations

Licensing Violations

Your JavaScript code can be reverse-engineered to remove protections and violate your licensing agreements. Your application and business model could be at risk

Source Code Tampering

Source Code Tampering

Your source code is exposed on the client-side and can be read, copied, or tampered with if not protected. This can lead to fraud through the manipulation of your application code so it performs in a way it’s not supposed to

Reputational Damages

Reputational Damages

If one of your clients’ applications is targeted by a code-based cyber attack, it can harm your business’ reputation and hurt your future capacity to close new clients

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With Jscrambler you will be able to:

Increase your value proposition with additional security

Increase the value of your offering by providing additional security features by default, embedded on the source code of your applications

Streamline your app releases and updates

You can seamlessly integrate Jscrambler into your CI/CD pipeline and ensure that every version you deploy is protected.

Secure your business advantages

Keep your intellectual property and proprietary algorithms safe from competitors and attacks who try to steal, copy and re-distribute them.

Full control over your code

Lock your code to specific environments - using a domain lock, you can create product demos to deliver to specific clients. It’s also possible to enforce licensing agreements with tamper or jailbreak detection.

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