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$3.86 million

Is the average cost of a data breach for an e-commerce company

212 days

Is the average time to detect and contain a data breach for an e-commerce company


Of consumers say they would stop doing business with a company after a data breach

CISO, Top 5 European Airline

“Jscrambler has merit in passing every test we threw at it with and being able to thwart the web skimming scenarios that we tested.”

The risks of not protecting your application

Magecart credit card skimming attacks

Magecart credit card skimming attacks

Malicious code can be injected into your e-commerce website via third-party providers and steal your users' credit card data or credentials. They can go undetected for months and result in heavy fines for non-compliance

Client-Side Data Leakage

Client-Side Data Leakage

Handling a vast amount of sensitive information such as personal information and payment details makes e-commerce companies an appealing target for cybercriminals. A data breach can result in financial damages, loss of customer trust, and legal consequences

Supply Chain Attacks

Supply Chain Attacks

E-commerce companies rely on a complex network of suppliers and vendors to deliver their products and services. Supply chain attacks can occur when a third-party vendor is compromised, leading to a breach of sensitive information

Revenue loss due to Customer Hijacking

Revenue loss due to Customer Hijacking

Users must be protected from client-side malware and browser extensions that may hijack their experience on your e-commerce website resulting in lost revenue

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With Jscrambler you will be able to:

Gain real-time insights into the client-side

Understand your risk with information about which vendors and scripts are running on the webpage and what data they are touching in every user session

Prevent data leakage

Prevent exfiltration of data inserted into forms by blocking script misbehaviors with fine-grained control of their actions and their level of access

Easy and fast onboarding and vetting of scripts

Enable teams like development and marketing to add unrestrained/ misconfigured scripts to the website, without them posing security risks, increasing the speed of innovation

Achieve compliance

Comply with data protection regulations such as PCI DSS, GDPR, and CCPA by proactively managing how data is accessed and transferred on the client-side

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