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Was the average cost of a data breach in the financial services industry in 2022


Of consumers use online banking services as their primary banking method

3.6 billion

Is the estimated number of global online banking users by 2024

CTO, MeDirect

“Jscrambler fulfilled the entire checklist of the application security worries we had”

The risks of not protecting your Financial Services application

Source Code Tampering

Source Code Tampering

Your source code is exposed on the client-side and can be read, copied or tampered with if not protected. This can lead to fraud through the manipulation of your application code so it performs in a way it’s not supposed to

Client-Side Data Leakage

Client-Side Data Leakage

Malicious code can be injected into your application through banking trojans or third-party scripts. Without the proper visibility and control, attackers can tamper with transactions and steal sensitive data over long periods of time

Breach of Compliance with Regulations

Breach of Compliance with Regulations

Data protection regulations such as PCI DSS, GDPR and CCPA impose heavy penalties on organizations that incur data breaches. Failing to protect the application’s source code also represents a lack of compliance with OWASP and NIST standards

Supply Chain Attacks

Supply Chain Attacks

Financial Services applications rely on a complex network of suppliers and vendors to deliver their products and services. Supply chain attacks can occur when a third-party vendor is compromised, leading to a breach of sensitive information

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Prevent reverse-engineering and tampering of the source code

Add a new layer of protection to your source code to protect user data and ensure your code isn’t being tampered with or used outside your desired environment.

Streamline your app releases and updates

You can seamlessly integrate Jscrambler into your CI/CD pipeline and ensure that every version you deploy is protected.

Prevent data leakage

Prevent access and transfer of data inserted into forms by blocking script misbehaviors with fine-grained control of their actions and their level of access.

Achieve compliance

Proactively manage how data is accessed and transferred on the client-side to better comply with regulations like PSD2, PCI DSS, GDPR or CCPA

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