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Security Advisor at Jscrambler

John Elliott

"Jscrambler is a trusted ally for businesses striving to achieve PCI DSS compliance. Their resources allow organizations of all sizes to ensure client-side security is constantly safeguarded, effectively protecting organizations. I'm honored to work closely with the team to ensure we're developing one of the most advanced solutions in the market."

We help online merchants, payment service providers, issuers, and acquiring banks protect their payment pages by authorizing, protecting, and monitoring payment page scripts. And we go beyond PCI DSS compliance with requirements 6.4.3 & 11.6.11 of PCI DSS v4.

Jscrambler also collaborates with leading Qualified Security Assessor companies by sharing what we see in the field, what our research team uncovers and what our technology captures.

A Principal Participating Organization at PCI SSC

Jscrambler works closely with the Council leaders to support payment security standards and brings the latest knowledge directly into solution implementation. Jscrambler is, of course, PCI DSS compliant for our services.

Training and Enablement

Jscrambler provides several training and enablement options to support company-wide QSA knowledge expansion opportunities. Options include:

Recurring QSA training on PCI DSS v4 requirements 6.4.3 and 11.6.1, digital skimming threats and patterns, and Jscrambler PCI solution product updates

Opt-in newsletter covering Jscrambler company and PCI solution updates

QSA pre and post-sales customer support on PCI solution

Marketing Support

Jscrambler provides marketing support to QSA organizations interested in partnering on marketing initiatives. Options include:

Authoring, placement, and social promotion of joint blogs, webinars, and collateral

Strategic planning and coordination of co-events designed to educate merchants and PSPs on PCI DSS v4 requirements 6.4.3 and 11.6.1 and tech demonstrations

Targeted regional field marketing coordination at local venues

Free QSA Payment Page Inventory Tool

Jscrambler PCI DSS v4 solution provides QSAs with easy-to-use PCI-related tools to administer quick-start compliance with PCI DSS requirements 6.4.3 and 11.6.1. QSAs use this to help merchants prepare for PCI compliance and verify assessments in an automated manner.

Expert Resources & Insights

Jscrambler provides QSAs with access to expert PCI DSS and Payment Security resources. Our resources benefits include:

Direct collaboration with a PCI Participating Organization that is pioneering in the payment security field and directly influencing the future of the industry standards

Direct access to John Elliott, Jscrambler Security Advisor, and his experience as a QSA and active contributor to writing requirements 6.4.3 and 11.6.1.

Direct access to Pedro Fortuna, Jscrambler CTO, and his expertise on JavaScript, digital skimming attack patterns, and best practices to mitigate these client-side risks.

"The Jscrambler platform is capable of streaming the effort required to establish the effective application of controls and to lower the overall effort required to demonstrate and maintain compliance."

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