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Jscrambler is compatible with all the main JavaScript frameworks, libraries and tools:

Find more in-depth information about what versions have been tested and how to use Jscrambler with the different of the frameworks and libraries.

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Jscrambler is compatible with all the main browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari.

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How Jscrambler guarantees to fix all incompatibilities: 

Early error detection 

Whenever a collaborator changes any code in Jscrambler (submits code to the repository of the organization), all browser compatibility tests are executed automatically.
If one or more tests fail (meaning that new incompatibilities have been discovered), the collaborator is informed immediately of the error, its cause and the platform that causes it.

This allows Jscrambler can fix all incompatibilities before deploying any changes to their production environments, making sure the products are as compatible as possible with all major browsers.