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Was the average cost of a data breach in the healthcare industry in 2022


Of healthcare data breaches were classified as hacking/IT incidents


Of healthcare data breaches were classified as unauthorized access/disclosure

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“We needed our Node.js application protected to satisfy multiple data protection regulations in customer clinical environments. Jscrambler did that for us and it was easy to incorporate into our tech landscape”

The risks of not protecting your Healthcare application

Client-Side Data Breaches

Client-Side Data Breaches

Misconfiguration or injection of scripts into the client-side of your application via third-party providers can cause data leaks from user credentials and PHI. These can go undetected for months

Lack of Compliance with Regulations

Lack of Compliance with Regulations

Regulations and standards such as HIPAA and NIST 800-53 put forth strict measures to protect sensitive data. Lack of compliance can result in heavy penalties

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With Jscrambler you will be able to:

Gain awareness over client-side risks

Understand your level of risk with information about which vendors and scripts are running on your application and what data they are touching during every user session

Easy and fast onboarding and vetting of scripts

Enable teams like development and marketing to add unrestrained/misconfigured scripts to the website, without them posing security risks, increasing the speed of innovation

Prevent data leakage

Prevent access and transfer of healthcare data and user credentials inserted into forms by blocking script misbehaviors with fine-grained control over their actions and their level of access

Achieve Compliance

Proactively manage how data is accessed and transferred on the client-side to comply with regulations like HIPAA

Deploy easily with low effort and minimal overhead

Add two lines of code to start protecting your website. Work closely with our implementation team to define scripts’ permissions. Achieve seamless user experience

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