14 JavaScript Conferences in 2019 Every Developer Should Attend

December 27th, 2018 | By Jscrambler | 7 min read

JavaScript is growing, making it valuable to identify which JavaScrip Conferences to visit in 2019.

The numbers say it all: JavaScript developers are the second most sought-after (going head to head with Java), and JS completely dominates GitHub for pull requests.

Part of the reason behind JavaScript's success is its active community. JS developers are masters in collaboration, not only in terms of pull requests but also in setting up meetups and conferences. With JS frameworks surging in popularity, they now have their conferences across the globe.

As a JavaScript developer, you should consider attending some of these conferences. We highlight 14 unmissable JavaScript Conferences in 2019, ordered by date.


This Ember.js conference is a gathering of the uniquely ambitious.

The 3-day event brings to stage the Ember Core team, leading community contributors, and the visionaries that keep shaping Ember's horizon.

If the event is anything like the framework, expect it to be solid, well-mannered, and a place to get things done.

March 18-20 | Portland, OR, USA

VueConf US

Vue has been a GitHub rising star since 2017. Many have dubbed it the React-challenger and its community has grown into a thriving one. VueConf US goes beyond talks, challenging developers to present their projects in lightning talks and participate in workshops.

In case you're building with Vue (or planning to), don't miss the chance to hit Tampa and join in the fun.

March 25-27 | Tampa, FL, USA


The world's biggest Angular conference, ng-conf quickly leads attendees from dev mode to full-on party mode. In 2018, the event's opening keynote revealed new Angular features and the after-parties included a movie night and the famous ng-party.

The ng-conf sets itself apart from other events by challenging attendees to engage in several "UnConference" activities, including an escape bus, ng-yoga, and countless quests.

May 1-3 | Salt Lake City, UT, USA

React Europe

Europe's original React conference, React Europe brings together the most passionate people from the core team and the coolest people from the community.

With React still being the #1 choice for front-end JS frameworks, the event focuses on the horizon, bringing to discussion how futuristic tech will empower the new generation of web apps.

May 23-24 | Paris, France


Rather than being a single conference, JSConf spans across different countries and dates. The most notable events include:

JSConf EU: brings the "labor-of-love" for the JS community with memorable speakers while providing visitors with several side "quests". It also brings a scholarship program for individuals from underrepresented groups.

June 1-2 | Berlin, Germany

JSConf Asia: Southeast Asia's largest web developer conference and the meeting place of tech giants, JS/CSS masters, and notable influencers. In 2018, it featured the likes of Jake Archibald, Una Kravets, and Tim Holman.

June 14-16 | Singapore

JSConf US: held in sunny Carlsbad, California, encourages attendees to venture outside their comfort zone. The event features a "choose your own adventure" program, which enables visitors to go surfing, golfing, and even riding a helicopter.

August 11-15 | Carlsbad, CA, USA

Chain React

React Native keeps growing as developers' framework of choice for building cross-platform mobile apps. Chain React, promoted by Infinite Red, started in 2017 as a meeting place for React Native enthusiasts but quickly grew in popularity.

In 2018, the event attracted 500 attendees and notable speakers, including Radek Pietruszewski, Kenza Iraki, and Brent Vatne. In 2019, the event is expected to keep growing, with more attendees, speakers, and vendors.

July 11-12 | Portland, OR, USA


A great excuse to visit sunny Barcelona during summertime, JSCamp is a JavaScript event built by developers for developers. The event will feature 3 days filled with web content, including a two-day conference, workshops, and several activities.

JSCamp is all about connecting with other developers and refreshing ideas — open source, JS frameworks, and much more. Be sure to also check CSSCamp, which will be held on the 17th.

July 18-19 | Barcelona, Spain

Node Summit

Node.js is pretty much everywhere. Enterprises, developers, decision-makers, and enthusiasts gather in San Francisco's Node Summit to push the boundaries of the industry.

With more than 1000 attendees and 80 speakers, the conference goes on for two official days (plus a zero-day for early bird tickets). With training and multiple tracks, the event provides a great opportunity to evolve technical skills.

BrazilJS Conf

The Brazillian JavaScript community is huge and has a major presence in online channels. BrazilJS packages all this enthusiasm into a single major event where the community comes together.

The conference has roots dating back to 2011 and has grown with the mission of bringing the highest quality content to Brazil. The 2012 edition hosted Brendan Eich, and the event has since brought several high-profile speakers, including Yehuda Katz and Guillermo Rauch.

August 22-24 | Porto Alegre, Brazil


Europe's largest Angular conference, AngularConnect does its name justice by marking the meeting place for Angular developers, industry players, and core members of Google's Angular team.

Angular Connect is also a strong contributor to the Angular community, sponsoring several meetups. If you're considering joining them in London in 2019, apart from all the networking and learning, expect a healthy dose of chilling and... dinosaurs.

September 19-20 | London, UK


JavaScript is hugely popular in India, and its community thrives both digitally and offline. JSFoo has been around since 2011 and has grown into a cornerstone of the Indian JS community.

Besides the Bangalore event, HasGeek (the organizing community) expanded JSFoo to Pune in January and organized ReactFoo in March.

The event usually goes on for two days filled with talks that cover both the front-end and back-end ecosystems and also feature case studies of Vue.js, GraphQL, ReasonML, and others.

September 29 | Bangalore, India


At the heart of Europe, in the city of 100 spires, functional programming gets Reactive in a three-day-long festival where innovation is the keyword.

The event's unique format consists of 2 conference days across 2 stages and a festival day. The conference will host over 60 speakers, which will deal not only with React but with all cutting-edge mobile and web tech stacks. There will be plenty of time to explore Prague and join parties.

October 30 - November 1 | Prague, Czech Republic

NodeConf EU

Europe gets its largest Node.js event in Ireland. Mostly attended by developers and engineers, the conference is a must-attend due to its abundance of quality speakers, workshops, and friendly atmosphere.

NodeConf EU is all about the community. Chances are you will surely meet in person some legendary members of the JavaScript development scene.

November 10-13 | Kilkenny, Ireland


The dot conferences movement spans several topics — security, AI, CSS, and JS. This unique conference format seeks to be TED-like in its quality and delivery. All talks are highly curated, with past speakers the likes of John Papa, Anders Hejlsberg, and Lauren Tan.

dotJS also brings training for emerging technologies such as Vue.js and GraphQL, seeking to inspire JavaScript developers to keep innovating.

December 5-6 | Paris, France

A Bright Future Ahead

With dozens (possibly even hundreds) of JavaScript events sprouting all over the globe, the future of JavaScript looks brighter than ever.

All of the events we feature on this list have great feedback from the community, so definitely consider attending some in 2019!

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