Jscrambler Wins Client-Side Security Award at the 20th Annual Globee® Awards for Cybersecurity

March 25th, 2024 | By Jscrambler | 4 min read

Porto, March 25, 2024: Jscrambler, the pioneering platform for client-side protection, today announced that its Client-Side Protection Platform has been named a Gold Globee winner in the Client-Side Security category at the 20th Annual 2024 Globee Cybersecurity Awards.

The Globee® Awards are the leading authority in recognizing business excellence globally.

Client-side protection platform lets businesses develop advanced online experiences using JavaScript while preventing client-side cyber threats, data leaks, and IP theft.

E-commerce and Application Security Teams

Marketing and e-commerce teams continue to embed tags on websites at an accelerated rate. While they help to improve functionality and gather key insights, they’re also being added without the consent of development and application security teams.

With security teams in the dark, data including private customer information, is either maliciously exfiltrated off the client browser or inadvertently leaked unknown to the business and once it’s out the damage is done.

The Client-side Protection and Compliance Platform

Jscrambler offers the industry’s first comprehensive client-side protection and compliance platform and the only one that covers first-party JavaScript obfuscation and third-party tag monitoring and protection.

These capabilities provide a blanket security and compliance policy encompassing all client-side related risks and regulatory compliance requirements. As a result, businesses gain visibility and fine-grained control of third-party scripts that mitigate areas of risk while enabling businesses to innovate online.

“We are excited to be recognized for Jscrambler’s success in helping businesses realize the benefits of using third-party vendors without inheriting all of the risks that come with it, such as digital credit card skimming and user data leakage,” said Rui Ribeiro, CEO & Co-Founder of Jscrambler. “With the Jscrambler Client Side Protection platform, companies can now create exceptional web apps and user experiences while being protected from data leakage and compliance violations. So we are allowing companies to move fast, improve, and evolve but in a secure manner.” 

The Globee Cybersecurity Awards spotlight the achievements of companies and individuals excelling in risk management, threat detection, cloud security, data privacy, and beyond. This accolade underscores Jscrambler’s commitment to securing digital infrastructures and safeguarding against cyber threats.

Explore the complete list of the 2024 Globee Cybersecurity Awards winners.

About Jscrambler

Jscrambler is the leader in Client-Side Protection and Compliance.


JavaScript obfuscation with fine-grained third-party tag protection

Jscrambler is the first to merge advanced polymorphic JavaScript obfuscation with fine-grained third-party tag protection in a unified Client-Side Protection and Compliance Platform.

Jscrambler’s integrated solution ensures a robust defense against current and emerging client-side cyber threats, data leaks, misconfigurations, and IP theft, empowering software development and digital teams to securely innovate online with JavaScript.

Jscrambler’s Code Integrity product safeguards first-party JavaScript through state-of-the-art obfuscation and exclusive runtime protection.

Jscrambler’s Webpage Integrity product mitigates threats and risks posed by third-party tags, all while ensuring compliance with PCI DSS v4.

With Jscrambler, businesses adopt a unified, future-proof client-side security policy, all while achieving compliance with emerging security standards. 

Jscrambler serves a diverse range of customers including top Fortune 500 companies, online retailers, airlines, media outlets, and financial services firms whose success depends on safely engaging with their customers online.


The leader in client-side Web security. With Jscrambler, JavaScript applications become self-defensive and capable of detecting and blocking client-side attacks like Magecart.

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