Recapping a Hot Week in Vegas

August 14th, 2018 | By Jscrambler | 3 min read

Our sunny week in Las Vegas has come to an end. Looking back, it's fascinating how so much happened in less than a week. Thousands of faces, hundreds of conversations, and many new insights on AppSec.

Between jet lag, some scorching 110º F, and great excitement to present Jscrambler, we truly embraced the city's legendary motto.

Mandalay Bay opened its doors on the 8th to welcome Black Hat USA — and so our mission began.

Black Hat USA 2018

It's not by chance that Black Hat is branded as the world’s leading information security event. Cyber Security has never been "hotter", and Black Hat is the ultimate oasis.

Our red-hot booth didn't fail to attract event-goers who were looking to protect their client-side. Between explaining how we provide the best protection for JavaScript applications and having people get hammered, time flew.

Black Hat USA 2018 - Jscrambler boothLuckily, we still managed to attend some great talks — including the highly anticipated Parisa Tabriz's keynote on how security practitioners should approach Security, which you can see below.

App Shield 360

Black Hat is also known for its many unveilings. This year, we contributed with our own. Along with Intertrust Technologies, we officially launched App Shield 360 — a one-stop solution for application shielding.

“Now, we can both provide our customer base with a universal solution for all platforms, obviating the need for complex procurement cycles for different platforms.” — Rui Ribeiro, CEO at Jscrambler.

We had an amazing turnout for the presentation and can't wait to see App Shield 360 empowering businesses to employ the highest level of protection.


With Black Hat chatter still abuzz, DEF CON swiftly kicked off at Caesars Palace.

Separating the two conferences can be challenging, so we like to recall how Venture Beat put it: "It’s like the difference between law enforcement and pranksterism [...] The federal agents and major corporations attended Black Hat and mohawk-styled, defiant hackers and Electronic Frontier Foundation lawyers went to Defcon".

Protecting Crypto Exchanges

The height of our DEF CON presence was Pedro Fortuna's talk — Protecting Crypto Exchanges From a New Wave of Man-in-the-Browser Attacks. Pedro detailed how these attacks are orchestrated, from account takeover to withdrawing coins out to attacker-controlled wallets.

DEF CON 26 - Pedro Fortuna's TalkSadly, with so many follow-up conversations after his talk, Pedro had no time for a DEF CON mohawk — but the dream lives on.

It's Never Over

This was a phenomenal week in Las Vegas.

We discussed emerging security threats and trends with the world's best researchers, planned partnerships during shared Uber rides, and had coffee with (we believe) prominent hackers.

Jscrambler at Black Hat USA 2018Last year we weren't exhibiting and still a small drop in a deep Ocean. In 2018, we painted a whole new picture, showcasing Jscrambler to thousands of industry players, co-launching a leading security product, and pushing the knowledge of crypto security forward.

This just comes to show how much Jscrambler has grown in 12 months — what once was perhaps a lifetime achievement is now "simply" another step forward.

Don’t forget to save the date for Black Hat USA 2019! We’ll be back August 3-8, 2019 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV.


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