Top 10 Podcasts for Cyber Security Professionals

September 7th, 2018 | By Jscrambler | 5 min read

With the rise in the connectivity of everything over the Internet, cyber threat is a rising trend and continuously poses new challenges.

In 2017, we have seen several cyber-attacks happening to big names in the industry. Due to this, many organizations are studying the nuances of cyber security and preparing themselves for future attacks.

Various platforms for sharing knowledge about cyber security have emerged over time and, with podcasts becoming increasingly popular, we've seen the rise of several cyber security podcasts. For IT professionals, listening to a podcast is handy, as they can plug in their earphones and take the information irrespective of the place without disturbing anyone or getting disturbed.

Many cyber security professionals share their knowledge through podcasts. On this list, you will discover the top 10 podcasts on cyber security. You can click on the hyperlinks to visit their website and go through the podcasts or connect with the hosts directly via Twitter.

1 — Threatpost

Threatpost is a popular IT news website that deals with all the latest updates in the industry, including security. The podcasts released on this site are mostly news updates which are presented in a weekly section “news wrap”. They also release one-to-one interviews with industry professionals.

Twitter — @threatpost
Number of followers — 162 000


If you've ever heard of AppSec (Application Security), you likely know OWASP, the Open Web Application Security Project. What you might not be aware of is OWASP 24/7, a set of recorded podcasts about OWASP projects and people around the world.

You can also subscribe to their iTunes channel to stay updated with the latest podcasts.

Twitter — @owasp
Number of followers — 106 000

3 — SANS Internet Storm Center (SANS ISC)

You will get informative podcasts 5 – 10 minutes long, which are branded as StormCasts. The audios are released at the end of the day, the perfect time to get in touch with relevant industry insights.

Apart from their website, the podcasts are available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Echo, and YouTube. You can also download their app for iOS called Daily Stormcasts.

Twitter — @sans_isc
Number of followers — 73 700

4 — Unsupervised Learning

The podcast was created by Daniel Meissner, a writer and cyber security professional. You will get 30 minutes long weekly podcasts which are recorded in one take. The website's 20k subscribers also get interesting stories related to InfoSec and technology through newsletters.

The podcast is a resource for cybersecurity professionals, mainly because it's a curated source of content. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Overcast, or Stitcher.

Twitter — @DanielMiessler
Number of followers — 67 000

5 — Security Weekly

The podcast has been run by Paul Asadoorian and company since 2005. This is a weekly podcast that goes in-depth on topics related to the latest products and ideas in the field of cyber security.

They produce various shows like Hack Naked, Enterprise Security Weekly, Business Security Weekly, Secure Digital Life, and many others, which focus on the security of data in fields of work.

You will also get notes containing the topics covered in the podcast.

Twitter — @securityweekly
Number of followers — 59 800

6 — Security Now!

The Security Now! podcast is centered on discussions about the latest computer security issues and solutions. The podcast is hosted by Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte. It is a weekly podcast that usually runs two hours long.

The show mostly deals with providing you with information to help you understand how information security problems can be overcome. The topics include firewalls, VPNs, password security, and others. Steve Gibson was the one to coin the term “spyware” which is now widely used in the cyber security world.

Twitter — @GibsonResearch
Number of followers — 19 800

7 — Risky Business

Risky Business was started in the year 2007. It is a weekly podcast featuring commentary from several pioneers of the security industry.

The shows are hosted by Patrick Gray, the award-winning journalist who is always on top of discussions on current industry problems and giving predictions about the evolving trends in the field of InfoSec.

Twitter — @riskybusiness
Number of followers — 19 500

8 — The Cyber Wire

The podcasts, hosted by David Bittner, are published on weekdays and cover the concepts of cyber security in a simple-to-understand language.

They also count on several partners, who are also the experts in the industry. Their commentaries will give you concise knowledge of the cyber events happening around the world.

Twitter - @thecyberwire
Number of followers – 12 700

9 — Defensive Security Podcast

The Defensive Security Podcast is hosted by Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat.

The podcast covers all the recent issues related to cyber security. You will also get a chance to listen to the hosts' discussion on the workings of security breaches, as well as which defensive strategies can be employed.

Twitter — @defensivesec
Number of followers — 7200

10 — Security Current

Security Current is a news website based in the United States. On top of providing industry news, they produce a bi-weekly podcast to help professionals keep up with the latest trends in cyber security.

The podcasts feature interviews with opinion leaders, who share their knowledge and also suggest important tips to the audience on cyber security. In one of the latest podcasts, Bitdefender tells about the best practices to be followed in order to implement Endpoint Detection and Response Technology.

Twitter — @SecurityCurrent
Number of followers — 5900

Final Thoughts

Podcasts are becoming one of the go-to choices in terms of media consumption. We covered the top 10 podcasts in the cyber security field, but you can find many others out there. Just be sure to do your own research before following them.

Listening to different podcasts is a great way to widen your depth of knowledge. They usually cover everything right from one end to another of a topic and will help you to stay current on trends.

In the end, choosing a podcast will vary from person to person according to different tastes. Give some of them a go, and you'll likely find the perfect match soon enough.


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