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Browser Compatibility

We develop Jscrambler to be the most compliant JavaScript protection solution in the market and work seamlessly with all major browsers. Jscrambler is successfully used in thousands of use cases and we regularly perform browser compatibility tests.

How do we Design, Test and Ensure our compatibility?



Design & Implementation
Before we even start implementing new features, such as transformations, we consider and evaluate their likely impact on browser compatibility. Developers take this information into account when selecting language features and APIs to be used.


Automatic Testing
Compatibility is too important to be left to chance. That is why we perform extensive testing to validate our reported compatibility. Even after releases, we keep testing our features to prevent accidental regressions.


Configurable Compatibility
Our customers can select and enforce minimum browser compatibility versions, making sure that they won't deploy to production a protected version of the application that doesn't work on the specified target browser versions.

Jscrambler is compatible with all major browsers

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

Early Error Detection

Whenever a collaborator changes any code in Jscrambler (submits code to the repository of the organization), all browser compatibility tests are executed automatically.
If one or more tests fail (meaning that new incompatibilities have been discovered), the collaborator is informed immediately of the error, its cause and the platform that causes it.
All of this allows us to fix all incompatibilities before deploying any changes to our production environments, making sure Jscrambler is as compatible as possible with all major browsers.
You can find out more about this in our documentation.
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