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Modern browsers and computers are now capable of performing complex 3D operations and offer a gaming experience previously only possible in desktop games. However, most of the computation is performed in the client-side using JavaScript. Because JavaScript is sent in clear-text, this causes the game code to be exposed, putting it at risk.

Without protecting your code, pirates may:

  1. Violate your license agreement

  2. Steal secret algorithms

  3. Steal your code, to reuse it

  4. Leak altered versions to the Internet

Built to protect Web Games

  • The leading JavaScript protection solution in the market
  • The only one that has been especially tailored to protect Web Gaming
  • Protects your Web Game code without hurting performance
  • Enforces your licensing
  • Domain locks your code
  • Discourage others from stealing/hacking your code
  • JavaScript Obfuscation fully compliant with all major browsers and platforms

And it works out of the box with



Social Gaming

Social Gaming

Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming

Compliant with

  • HTML5/Canvas
  • Three.js
  • Unity
  • John Resig's Processing.js
  • X3DOM
  • SceneJS
  • SpiderGL
  • GLGE
  • Turbulenz
  • O3D
  • C3DL
  • CooperLicht
  • Facebook API
  • Google API



We have been testing JScrambler on our Web-based game prototypes and we are pretty happy with it. It is easy to integrate and has a negligible impact on performance.



Filipe Abrantes

Lead Developer and co-Founder,
We Came From Mars

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