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Was the average cost of a data breach in the media industry in 2022


Of U.S. Internet Households subscribe to at least one OTT service making it a huge target for cybercriminals

$29 billion

Is the estimated lost revenue in the U.S. due to Online TV and Film piracy

Lead Developer, BFI Player

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The risks of not protecting your application

Intellectual Property Theft

Intellectual Property Theft

Keep your exclusive and unique content safe from competitors, and threat actors who try to steal and re-distribute it.

Compromised Watermarking Solutions

Compromised Watermarking Solutions

Protections such as Forensic Watermarking on the client-side can be removed to distribute your content illegally.

Licensing Issues

Licensing Issues

Your licensing agreements such as DRM can be reverse-engineered by malicious users for unauthorized use and distribution.

Client-Side Data Leakage

Client-Side Data Leakage

User data such as login credentials or credit card information can be retrieved by attackers directly from your website, through the injection of malicious code.

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Have full control over the player

Lock your HTML5 player to specific environments and create expirable licenses.

Stop attacks as soon as they hit

Your streaming player will detect debugging attempts and prevent code analysis in runtime. If any tampering is detected, it can react in real-time by, for example, breaking the player.

Achieve compliance with standards and regulations

Standards and regulations such as PCI DSS, GDPR, and CCPA require management of how payment and sensitive data is accessed and transferred on the client-side.

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