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Javascript Threat Monitoring

See every threat to your protected apps in real-time and adapt the protection accordingly to maximize its effectiveness.

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Ensure your apps always run securely

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Your apps are exposed to client-side attacks that can jeopardize your business and leak your users’ data.
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Jscrambler’s JavaScript Threat Monitoring notifies your team whenever there’s a threat to your protected JavaScript, allowing you to quickly respond to these threats.
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A New Layer of Client-Side Visibility

Stop What Needs To Be Stopped

When you first deploy your protected app, you may want to prevent one type of attack, but attackers often change tactics and motivations. By knowing what attacks they’re trying to do, you can adjust your protection accordingly.

Security In-Depth

Stopping intricate client-side attacks means adding several security layers to reduce the attack surface. JavaScript Threat Monitoring brings much-needed visibility to the client-side as an additional layer of security.

Addressing Application Security Standards

Start Protecting Your App

Harden your app's defenses

Reduce your app’s exposure to reverse-engineering or tampering attempts that can help attackers breach through your app’s defenses.
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Maximize your app's resilience

Meet all the required resilience controls for mobile apps outlined in OWASP MASVS-R and recommended by Gartner, whether they are fully native apps or hybrid mobile apps.
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Start Protecting Your App

How Jscrambler Monitors Threats To JavaScript Code

Real-time Warnings

Whenever someone attempts to debug your protected code, tamper with it or run it outside of a code lock, Jscrambler sends you a real-time warning.
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Insightful Threat Details

The Jscrambler dashboard presents all the relevant information and statistics about threats to your protected code.

Threat Mitigation

Easily fine-tune your code protection to respond to any detected threats and ensure that attackers remain locked out.

Fully integrates with your workflow

Full Support for JavaScript Frameworks

Seamlessly integrate Jscrambler into the build process of any JavaScript framework.Check our tutorials on:
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Protect Native Code

Gain full coverage in mobile apps by protecting native and platform-specific code through integrations with the Jscrambler CLI.
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Seamlessly Integrate With Your SIEM

You can easily integrate Jscrambler with your SIEM to manage alerts and keep your team in the loop.
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Endorsed by Industry Leaders


Jscrambler's technology is trusted by companies listed among the Fortune 500, top 20 banks, and top 5 OTT providers.


Our business partners include GitLab, PCI SSC, Verimatrix, Zimperium, Intertrust, and FriendMTS.

Test our protection features in your own code.

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