Startup Plan

From the birth of the idea to the first sale, to IPO and beyond, Jscrambler gives small companies

and startups the opportunity to protect their business with a resilient and compliant JavaScript

protection solution. Tell us more about your business and check if you are elligible to protect your

code at a substantially discounted price.

Full HTML5, JavaScript, Node.js, Mobile Compliance
Logic Concealment
Application Locks
Platform Locks
Self-Defending Capabilities
API Automation
Logic Shield
Attack Countermeasures
Source Maps
Jscrambler R&D Lab Membership
On-Premises Solution
Real-Time Attack Notifications
Malicious Debugging
JavaScript Code Tampering
Code Hijacking
Expired Licensing
Unauthorized OS/Browser
Webpage Integrity
DOM Monitoring
Event-Handlers Hijacking
Client-Side Injections Removal
Credentials Loss Detection
JavaScript Poisoning Detection
Fake Form Detection
25 Protections / Month1 Applications50 Files / Applicationemail Support

Technical Features

Take an in-depth look into all the features of each Jscrambler plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the trial limits?

    During the trial period, you can only apply protection templates to your application. If you would like to see all possible transformations you can use the Playground App. It has a test application previously prepared for that purpose.
  • What is a Protection?

    You can see it as our "digital currency". Each time you request your application to be protected (via UI or API) you spend 1 protection to do it. If you need to make changes or protect further versions of code you will need to use further protections.
  • How many apps can I manage at the same time?

    You have a limited number of apps you can create and manage at the same time and you can choose how many you want to have. Each app takes up a slot and we recommend using one slot per app since it's a lot easier and safer to manage your protection parameterization per app. If you want to protect new versions of the same app, you can either replace the old version within the same slot or use a new slot if you need different protection parameterization for different versions of the same app.
  • What are the Application Locks?

    The Application Locks are a set of features that allow you to lock your application and your code to a specific environment or criteria. If you develop and sell JavaScript applications, for example, you’ll want to prevent that someone that didn’t pay or whose license has expired from executing your JavaScript. You can use the Domain Lock to lock your code to a predefined list of domains. If someone places it anywhere else, it will not execute correctly. You can also use the Date Lock to deliver expirable demos to your clients without incurring in the fear of JavaScript code theft or client-loss.

Are you interested in making sure your security plan does not overlook the client-side?

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