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Startup Plan

Protect your code and your business since day one with the most advanced solution on the market. Apply to check if you are eligible to secure your apps at a substantially discounted price.

Jscrambler Code App Builder

Startup Plan vs Enterprise Plan

Startup Plan

Obfuscation - Basic
Code Locks
Runtime Application Self-Protection
Javascript Threat Monitoring
and more features

Enterprise Plan

Obfuscation - Advanced with Polymorphic behavior
Code Locks
Runtime Application Self-Protection
Javascript Threat Monitoring
and more features

Technical Features

Take an in-depth look into all the features of each Jscrambler plan.

License Details
Users p/ License
# of Protections
# Files p/ Application
# of Applications
Startup PlanEnterprise Plan
25 / month
Granular Control
Code Annotations
Jscrambler Ignore
Startup PlanEnterprise Plan
Client-side Monitoring
JavaScript Threat Monitoring
Startup PlanEnterprise Plan
Real-time Attack Notifications
Malicious Debugging
JavaScript Code Tampering
Code Hijacking
Unauthorized OS/Browser
Expired Licensing
Startup PlanEnterprise Plan
Application & Platform Locks
Browser Lock
OS Lock
Domain Lock
Date Lock
Startup PlanEnterprise Plan
Protection & Obfuscation Transformations
Control Flow Flattening
Extend Predicates
Boolean To Anything, Char to Ternary Operator ...
Comma Operator Unfolding, Dead Code Injection, Dot to Bracket Notation, Duplicate Literals Removal, Function Outlining, Function Reordering, Identifiers Renaming, Number to String, Property Keys Obfuscation, Property Keys Reordering, Regex Obfuscation, String Concealing, String Encoding, String Splitting, Variable Grouping
Startup PlanEnterprise Plan
Optimization Transformations
Assertions Removal, Constant Folding, Dead Code Elimination ...
Debug Code Elimination, Duplicate Literals Removal, Identifiers Renaming, Whitespace Removal
Startup PlanEnterprise Plan
Developer Tools
Parsing Error Detection
API Clients
Side-to-Side Original & Transformed Code Preview
Transformation By Targets
Application Management
Source Maps
Randomization Seed
Startup PlanEnterprise Plan
Node.js, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, Ember
Node.js, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, Ember
Phone Support
Priority Online Chat Support
E-mail Support, Online Documentation, Tutorials, FAQ
Startup PlanEnterprise Plan
ECMAScript 262 Ed. 5.1
ES6 Parsing Support
ISO/IEC 16262:2011
Supports all major browsers
Supports all major OS's
Supports all major JavaScript frameworks and libraries
Startup PlanEnterprise Plan
Desktop + Mobile

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