Securing Enterprise JavaScript Applications


Today, JavaScript powers 97% of modern web apps and is used by every single Fortune 500 company.Despite the numerous advantages of using JavaScript, companies need to consider the changes in their threat model when using JavaScript-based web and mobile apps.Because JavaScript needs to be interpreted by a browser in order to work, it is exposed and anyone can access, read, and modify it. This opens the door for attacks such as application abuse, intellectual property theft, cheating, piracy, and data exfiltration.The takeaway is clear: enterprise JavaScript needs enterprise-grade security.

In this webinar, we will:

Explain why client-side JavaScript is exposed;
Detail the critical security threats of JavaScript applications;
Explain what JavaScript obfuscation is and how its effectiveness should be measured;
Explore additional JavaScript protection layers: code locks and self-defensive capabilities;
Demonstrate how an enterprise-grade solution protects a web application facing an attack.

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