Securing Online Payment and Web Banking Platforms


Today, 73% of all interactions with banks are done digitally.One of the main contributors to this digital transformation is the rapidly evolving JavaScript ecosystem, which enables banks to quickly bring to market advanced web and mobile banking platforms.Industry-wide breakthroughs like open banking have prompted a digital banking race, with a growing wave of Neobanks and traditional banks fighting for their share of the retail banking market.However, organizations are placing important logic in unsafe environments (the client-side). Exposed JavaScript is a significant security liability, opening the door to attacks such as application abuse, intellectual property theft, and data breaches. Such web-based attacks cost companies an average of $2.3M annually.

In this Web Banking webinar, we will:

Explain the problem of exposed JavaScript in web banking platforms;
Detail the critical security threats of unprotected JavaScript in web banking;
Explore why client-side security is required to achieve compliance with industry regulations;
Present the recommended JavaScript protection layers for web banking;
Demonstrate a possible attack to the exposed JavaScript of a web banking platform and how to prevent it.

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