Web and mobile apps are created at a breakneck speed and security is often overlooked, in the haste of being the first in the market. Apps are often deployed directly to the end user with their code exposed, making it extremely simple to read, copy, and tamper with. If code is left unprotected, it can lead to:

Stolen user credentials;

Access to accounts with escalated privileges;

Further infection of devices that belong to the user;

Stolen intellectual property;

Damage the company's reputation.


Jscrambler's Code Integrity is the industry's most mature solution aimed at protecting your application's code. It provides multiple layers of security to harden your code. It automatically and transparently rewrites all your code during the build phase and installs static and runtime defenses to prevent reverse engineering and code tampering. A simple call to our API gives you a protected version of your application:

JavaScript code protection;

Hybrid and Native code protection;

API key protection;

Application Hardening;

Runtime defenses;

Automatic countermeasures.

Why Jscrambler?

Jscrambler has been protecting the source code of applications for more than a decade. Our solution is the most mature and robust in the industry and its value is attested by successfully protecting thousands of companies and millions of app builds.

Source code protection for JavaScript, Hybrid and Mobile apps;

All the threats are reported in a dashboard in real-time;

Defends against automated attacks;

In-depth documentation for React Native, Ionic, NativeScript, and all main JavaScript frameworks;

Fully Integrated into your CI/CD Pipeline;

Support from Jscrambler's experts helps you fine-tune protections;

Business Outcomes

Protecting your code from tampering or misuse is vital to your ability to innovate as quickly as the business requires.

Conceal important logic while keeping the original functionality;

Immediate awareness in case of code tampering or misuse;

Prevent threats that could lead to loss of revenue, reputation, and intellectual property theft;

Integrate with the SIEM of your choice and find all information in one place.

About Jscrambler

Jscrambler is a leading authority in client-side security software. We defend enterprises from revenue and reputational harm caused by accidental or intentional interference from third-parties. Jscrambler has over 10 years of experience in client-side application protection and has protected +1 million app builds and +2 billion user sessions. 

Jscrambler’s customers include the FORTUNE 500, retailers, airlines, banks, and other enterprises whose success depends on safely engaging with their customers online.