State of Application Security in North American Banking



The fast-growing digital transformation in banking poses greater security challenges for members of the financial system. This technological revolution has led to the emergence of Fintechs and has greatly accelerated the digital presence of incumbents. But while technological innovation enables banks to provide richer customer experiences and shorten their time to market, it requires organizations to reassess their security posture and commitment to compliance.


Carlos Gonçalves

VP Growth @ Jscrambler

Tim Hartog

Mobile Application Protection Suite EMEA Director @ Zimperium

In this webinar, we propose to:

Discuss how digital transformation is shaping the North American banking landscape;

Explore the emerging regulations around data protection, open banking, and operational resilience;

Frame the technological landscape of web and mobile banking apps in North American banking;

Present first-hand data on the current state of application security in North American banking;

Detail some key security considerations to improve the overall security posture.