Security Starts at the Screen

Security Starts at the Screen

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Freedom to do business is threatened by client-side risks

Application development demands sophistication that’s only possible by using third-party vendors. This creates a complex ecosystem of code, in an uncontrolled environment that can put your business at risk.

Take back control

Good things happen when you defend the client-side with Jscrambler. Your code becomes resilient to tampering and you stop interference from third-party scripts. Your apps behave as intended. It's defense-in-depth on every screen.

Map the client-side risks

Be aware of all scripts running on your website

Understand the level of risk posed by every script

Control stakeholders adding scripts to the website

Gain Visibility

Protect your code

Ensure applications’ code can’t be tampered with and is running on the right environment

Make sure every deployment is secure

Protect Your Code

Block unauthorized behaviors

Control scripts that can access everything by default

Simple and flexible security controls

Make sure all scripts are under control

Control Script Behavior

Reduce sensitive data exposure

Understand which scripts are accessing sensitive data in forms

Make sure sensitive data inserted into forms isn’t being transferred by unauthorized scripts

Eliminate the risk of script tampering and misconfiguration

Protect Sensitive Data

Facilitate compliance by proof

Simplify the compliance processes and reduce manual efforts

Get support during compliance processes

Maximize success in compliance audits

Comply with PCI DSS

Free PCI DSS Payment Page Analysis

Get free access to the Jscrambler PCI DSS report and understand which vendors are accessing sensitive payment page data (and take action).

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Jscrambler’s solutions


Mitigate client-side risk with our multi-layered approach that protects your application's code and your users' data, and prevents fraud.

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Secure Your Code

Secure Your Code

Make your code resilient so it can’t be read, copied, tampered with, or reused

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Manage 3rd Party Code

Manage 3rd Party Code

Get real-time visibility and control over third-party JavaScript. Block unauthorized behavior and access to data

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Protect Data

Protect Data

Protect user data and comply with regulatory standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA

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Securing the customer experience

+2 Billion

Protected user sessions


Recognized by

2024 Globee Awards Gold Winner, Cybersecurity
2024 Globee Awards Gold Winner, Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2023
Gold Award Winner, Webpage Integrity
Hype Cycle Report 2022
Hype Cycle for Application Security 2022
Business Intelligence Group
2023 Product Winner, Webpage Integrity

See how easy it is to secure your apps

Start protecting your applications’ code in under 2 minutes!

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