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Security Starts at the Screen

Defend client-side apps.


Reduce exposure to harmful 3rd-parties with Jscrambler’s Inventory.
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Innovate as often as needed, we’ll provide continuous protection of all your code

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Protect user data & improve compliance

Improve compliance with regulations and manage third party risk by preventing data leaks that originate from code tampering and client-side attacks.
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Minimize exposure to attacks

Gain full visibility and control of the client-side of your website to prevent automated abuse, Magecart web skimmers and software supply chain attacks.
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Ensure application integrity

Protect all the JavaScript and native code in your web and mobile apps to ensure application integrity and prevent code tampering, application abuse and reverse engineering.
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+1.5 million

protected app builds
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+2 million

hijacking attempts prevented per year
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data leaks prevented per year
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+2 billion

protected user sessions

Empowering thousands of companies, protecting millions of users

Recognized byGartner
Sample Vendor
2021, Hype Cycle for
Application security
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Sample Vendor
2022, Hype Cycle for
Application security
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Recognized byBusiness Intelligence Group
Webpage Integrity (WPI)
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Enterprise-grade security

Jscrambler’s unique approach ingrains security controls in your source code and extends them to the runtime of your applications, providing the most resilient client-side protection with negligible impact on performance.

Simple, managed deployment

Jscrambler’s security experts handle deployment and maintenance and report results periodically, acting as an extension of your security team to detect and mitigate client-side threats with Jscrambler.
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“Since integrating Jscrambler, we have consistently passed strict penetration testing and delivered secure mobile banking apps to our clients.”
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Mohamed GamilCEO & Founder of dotConnect

In-depth protection from evolving threats

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Financial services

Seamlessly improve the security posture and improve compliance.


Drive more business with secure platforms that mitigate fraud and hijacking.

Media & OTT

Shield video players and watermarking solutions from bypass and piracy.


Drive compliance with regulations by preventing code tampering and data leaks.

IT & Software

Protect proprietary algorithms and mitigate reverse engineering and abuse at runtime.

Gaming & Gambling

Prevent cheating, piracy and abuse with robust code protection.

Travel & Hospitality

Keep user data secure by preventing Magecart credit card skimmers.

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Increasing Compliance with Regulations in Digital Banking

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How Bionano Genomics Increased Compliance with Regulations Using Jscrambler

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The State of Client-Side Security in E-commerce

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