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12 Must-Follow Online Publications for Cyber Security Professionals

March 8th, 2019 | By Jscrambler | 6 min read

For cyber security professionals, staying on top of current industry trends, cyber attacks and new solutions is no easy task.

In 2018 alone, we've seen the industry shift rapidly, with cryptojacking attacks rising, ransomware slowing, and the emergence of Supply Chain Attacks.

In the past, we covered some of the best cyber security podcasts, a useful resource for multitaskers. In this article, we list the most relevant sources of news and opinions from the cyber security space.

Wired: Threat Level

Wired LogoThis section of the popular American magazine will give you an insight into all the latest news and happenings all over the world regarding hacking, cyber crimes and new methods to protect your personal data over the internet. You'll also find in-depth stories with an insider's view on cyber attacks.


ArsTechnica LogoAs you can very well understand from the name, the website is specialized on the internet and the latest digital trends happening. Its Information Security section provides useful content on major political security news, as well as zero days and cyber threats which are relevant to users and enterprise alike. The ArsTechnica community is very active, so you'll find active discussions on most topics.

ZDNet: Zero Day

ZDNet LogoZDNet's Zero Day is widely known to be updated with new research and development that takes place about technology, IT and communications globally, while also providing you the latest information on new threats and vulnerabilities in the cyber space. Most Zero Day articles aren't afraid of going into some technical depth, so it's a great source for professionals.

The Hacker News

The Hacker News LogoThis website is especially focused on featuring the latest cyber security news and in-depth coverage of current and future trends in Infosec and how they are shaping the cyber world. It attracts 8 million monthly readers including IT professionals, researchers, hackers, technologists, and enthusiasts. Its community comes together on The Hackers Conference.


CSO LogoThe CSO website offers a very useful set of incisive articles that dive into all security disciplines, from risk management to fraud and data loss prevention. It's aimed at enterprise security professionals with the goal of helping them stay ahead of evolving threats and defend against criminal cyberattacks.


TechWorm LogoAlong with posting news every day, the site covers important happenings from well-known software companies all over the world. Its team of dedicated security researchers and reporters hunt the cyber world round the clock for important breaking news and data, seeking a balanced view of the hackers and the hacked, the leakers and the leaked. You will come across articles on technology, programming, and gadgets.


InfoWorld LogoThe website significantly focuses on cloud computing and software development. It's a go-to resource for developers, architects, and business leaders launching next-generation initiatives on scalable cloud platforms. The website features several articles on high-tech, aimed at those determined to seek business advantage by staying ahead of the technology curve.

Troy Hunt

We have recently featured Troy on our shortlist of AppSec Twitter accounts to follow, and now we feature his blog with the same reasoning. With its blog format, the website hosts both news and opinion articles covering high-profile data breaches and other cyber attacks. Troy usually digs into these attacks and helps readers understand how they can stay safe online, both as individuals and professionals.

Krebs on Security

Krebs on Security LogoAnother blog from renowned investigative reporter Brian Krebs, the website provides very helpful content when it comes to day to day software and information technology, executing daily internet tasks and also good security practices like setting a strong password. Besides helpful content for everyday users, Brian Krebs' posts on enterprise security provide details of current cyber attacks and their architecture.

Schneier on Security

In this blog, the author (Bruce Schneier) provides various articles with his own views on current security affairs, such as developments of popular cyber crimes (and cyber criminals), and how the enterprise handles data breaches. Besides his blog posts, the author provides several essays and videos of his own talks, which provide insight into specific security subjects, such as blockchain, software vulnerabilities, and political cyber attacks.

Dark Reading

Dark Reading LogoThe website acts as a community for people who share common interests in cyber security and technological threats. Dark Reading's community of thought-leading security researchers, CISOs, and technology specialists covers 13 specific areas: Analytics, Attacks & Breaches, Application Security, Careers and People, Cloud Security, Endpoint, IoT, Mobile, Operations, Perimeter, Risk, Threat Intelligence, and Vulnerabilities and Threats.


InformationAge LogoAs you can tell from its name, this website seeks to keep its readers updated, providing "general intelligence for technologists in the information age". As so, what sets InformationAge apart from other publications is that it focuses on hosting pieces by industry CTOs, sharing high-level insights for security professionals. Among these, you'll find articles by Jscrambler CTO Pedro Fortuna on the security of HTML5 streaming, upcoming security trends, and more.


Threatpost LogoThreatpost serves an assortment of media aimed at professionals. It focuses on breaking important original stories, offering expert commentary on high-priority news aggregated from other sources, and engaging with readers to discuss how and why these events matter. Besides the standard news format, Threatpost also features a podcast, which we featured recently in our own shortlist.

GBhackers on Security

GBhackers LogoThe website highly focuses on cybercrime, advanced persistent threats, cyber security research, penetration testing, hacking tutorials, and live security updates. It covers quite a few sensitive subjects with educational purposes, which can provide rare insight to professionals on some lesser known exploits and threats.

SC Magazine

SC Media LogoThe website's tagline states that it is the source for cybersecurity since 1989. During these 30 years, SC Magazine has shared industry expert guidance and insight, in-depth features and timely news in various content forms in partnership with and for top-level information security executives and their technical teams. Among these contributions, you'll find articles by Jscrambler CTO Pedro Fortuna, namely on secure application development and client-side security.

Closing Thoughts

For today's cyber security professional, knowledge and timing go hand in hand.

Staying up to date with ever-changing security threats and trends, more than a nice-to-have, has become essential. We listed some of the most informative, engaging, and popular cyber security content platforms, in hopes it will help you be informed from trustworthy sources.

Lastly, if you're interested in knowing more about Web Supply Chain Attacks, be sure to grab a copy of our free white paper.


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