12 Useful JavaScript Newsletters

February 10th, 2022 | By Jscrambler | 5 min read

As any software developer will know, it's vital you keep learning to improve your game and stay on top of things. This is especially important in the JavaScript ecosystem, where things keep evolving quickly - especially with all the awesome frameworks we have today.

One of the simplest ways to do this is by subscribing to useful JavaScript newsletters and get updates and tutorials straight in your inbox. In this post, let's look at 12 of the best ones.

1. Jscrambler Blog

Jscrambler Blog

This newsletter brings 1-2 in-depth tutorials per week, mostly about JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, React Native, Ionic, and other JS frameworks.

You will also receive some tutorials about Application Security, DevOps, and source code protection.

If you're looking for intermediate/advanced tutorials and tips, this newsletter is a must.

Link: Jscrambler Blog

2. JavaScript Weekly

JavaScript Weekly

Probably the most popular newsletter in this list, JavaScript weekly has been around for over a decade now.

If you were to ask any of its 170,000+ readers why they subscribed, they'll probably tell you it's one of the most complete and consistent resources out there to keep up-to-date with JS.

It contains a healthy mix of tutorials, news, useful tools, and job listings.

Link: JavaScript Weekly

3. JavaScript Kicks

JavaScript Kicks

While this could very well be a brand of JS-themed sneakers, JS Kicks is in fact a daily collection of the best JavaScript articles, hand-picked by developers.

Unlike some other newsletters, JS Kicks also includes a general section dedicated to high-level programming stuff, as well as articles for React, Angular, Vue, and Node.js.

Link: JavaScript Kicks

4. Node.js Weekly

Node.js Weekly

And speaking of Node.js here's a fantastic newsletter to subscribe if you're looking for a well-rounded weekly update on this JS runtime.

From the same editors of JavaScript Weekly, Node Weekly follows a similar structure: important news, tutorials, useful tools, and jobs.

To join its 50,000 subscribers, follow the link: Node.js Weekly

5. Awesome JavaScript

Awesome JavaScript

Part of the widely known LibHunt network, Awesome JavaScript provides a weekly overview (on Friday) of the most popular JavaScript news, articles and libraries.

It has two main sections: popular news/articles and featured libraries.

Link: Awesome JavaScript

6. Bytes


Bytes may be the oddball in this list, but there's a good reason to include it: it's probably the most fun and lighthearted newsletter for JS developers.

It covers the main releases in the JS ecosystem, often including high-quality memes you may just want to share in your next company showcase.

Each issue of the newsletter is different, but you'll often find code challenges, practical JS tips, and a look back at important dates in the ecosystem.

To join 140,000 other devs, follow the link: Bytes

7. React Status

React Status

What would this list be if we didn't include some stuff dedicated to JS frameworks?

There are more than a few React newsletters out there, but React Status is definitely a crowd favorite. From the same team behind JS Weekly and Node Weekly, this newsletter brings the same familiar structure and a strong focus on React tips and tools.

Link: React Status

8. React Native Newsletter

React Native Newsletter

React Native doesn't stop growing in popularity, so there's no shortage of useful tutorials out there about the framework.

From the same folks behind Chain React (a U.S. React Native conference), this bimonthly newsletter brings a healthy mix of tutorials, stories, libs, and videos.

Link: React Native Newsletter

9. Vue.js News

Vue.js News

There's no stopping the Vue bandwagon and the team behind the framework has truly built an awesome community.

Vue.js News is a key part of this community, with a weekly roundup of the hottest Vue news and tutorials, along with a list of useful libs you might otherwise miss.

To join them, simply follow the link: Vue.js News

10. Gamedev.js Weekly

Gamedev.js Weekly

Also a vibrant community, HTML5 game devs keep on building new and exciting projects, which are highlighted by this weekly digest.

Managed by Andrzej Mazur, the creator of the popular js13kGames competition, the newsletter also brings insightful articles, tutorials, competitions, demos, jobs, and - of course - some cool HTML5 games you can play right from your browser.

Link: Gamedev.js Weekly

11. Frontend Focus

Frontend Focus

Frontend Focus is a newsletter for web developers that offers a weekly roundup of the finest tutorials, articles, and front-end news.

It is a great newsletter for developers who are working with CSS, HTML, WebGL, Canvas, JavaScript and many other web technologies.

To join the newsletter, follow the link: Front End Focus

12. BrazilJS


There are definitely some awesome JS communities all over the world, and BrazilJS is definitely one of our favorites.

Their weekly newsletter (written in Portuguese) includes a roundup of relevant JS articles and tutorials, as well as cartoons, videos, and motivational quotes.

Link: BrazilJS

Final Thoughts

With so much happening in the JS ecosystem, it's great we have so many newsletters that provide a neat digest of the hottest news and useful tutorials.

Definitely consider subscribing to our own newsletter to receive 1-2 high-quality tutorials every week and the occasional post about application security.


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