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12 Useful Newsletters For Web Developers

March 16th, 2017 | By Jscrambler | 4 min read

Let us show you 12 useful newsletters for web developers to keep up with relevant topics related to the web developer's world.

Some newsletters post weekly news, articles, links, and tools about JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, and many other frontend stuff.

We recommend staying aware of significant areas such as security, accessibility, usability, and performance. Explore these newsletters and find out which ones suit you better.

1) JavaScript Weekly

This is the most popular newsletter, which posts weekly all new stuff about the JavaScript environment. Today, there are more than 116k subscribers, and it has many resources and news about JavaScript.

Link: JavaScript Weekly

2) Node.js Weekly

This newsletter is curated by the same editor of JavaScript Weekly. However, it is more focused on the Node.js platform.

Well, your JavaScript stack can’t be full without Node.js. So if you want to keep up to date with all the latest Node.js news this will be an awesome newsletter to subscribe to with more than 36k subscribers today.

Link: Node.js Weekly

3) FrontEnd Focus

This weekly newsletter publishes useful resources about HTML, CSS tips, WebGL, Canvas, Progressive web apps, WebRTC, and other stuff about browser technologies. If you are a Frontend Engineer, you must subscribe to this newsletter.

Link: Frontend Focus

4) WebTools Weekly

Web Tools Weekly is a front-end development and web design newsletter with a focus on tools. Each issue features a brief tip or tutorial, followed by a weekly round-up of various apps, scripts, plugins, and other resources to help front-end developers solve problems and be more productive.

Link: WebTools Weekly

5) JSter

JSter is a catalog of libraries and a newsletter. They publish content every month about libraries, articles, guides, techniques, interviews, resources, and anything else related to frontend and JavaScript.

Link: JSter

6) React Status

This is a weekly roundup of the latest news, tutorials, and projects in the React and React Native worlds. This newsletter has more than 10k subscribers and it is curated by the same editor of JavaScript Weekly, Frontend Focus, and Node.js Weekly.

Link: React Status

7) Mobile Web Weekly

In this newsletter, more than 11k subscribers receive weekly news, libraries, articles, and many other resources about web apps and native apps, but this newsletter focuses more on mobile web app technologies.

Link: Mobile Web Weekly

8) CSS Weekly

This is a newsletter focused on CSS so, every week, they publish useful articles, tutorials, tools, and some interesting experiments created using CSS for more than 27k subscribers.

Link: CSS Weekly

9) GameDev.js Weekly

If you like game development, you must subscribe to this newsletter. Weekly, they publish a lot of useful tutorials, tools, and articles related to HTML5, Canvas, and WebGL game development.

Link: GameDev.js Weekly

10) JavaScript Kicks

JavaScript Kicks is a curated newsletter about JavaScript. Every week they publish the most voted content from their forum.

Link: JavaScript Kicks

11) Pony Foo Weekly

This newsletter focuses on advanced topics related to web development. Here, you will receive useful links and trending topics about the news of JavaScript and ECMAScript.

Link: Pony Foo Weekly

12) Changelog Weekly

This is a great newsletter! Weekly, they post about anything related to the open-source world and software development. Sometimes they also present useful links about JavaScript.

Link: Changelog Weekly


Nowadays, one of the most useful ways to keep up to date about JavaScript is by subscribing some newsletters, and the amazing thing is that we can always learn some news from these resources.

There are newsletters about subjects related to other programming languages, databases, and frameworks.


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