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Developer Survey 2017

March 24th, 2017 | By Jscrambler | 2 min read

Stack Overflow just released their most recent Developer Survey - you can check it here - and we decided to dive into the results. Come along!

First thing we found interesting to see is that most Developers are working with Web Programming confirming that Web is here to stay:

developer-typeSource: [Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017](/survey/2017#developer-roles "target="_blank)

The increase in the use of JavaScript is also notorious as 62.5% of the respondents confirmed using it, followed by SQL at 51.2%. This reinforces what we have already covered in our latest [Infographic: JavaScript Is Everywhere](/javascript-is-everywhere/ "target="_blank).

popular-programming-languagesSource: [Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017](/survey/2017#technology-programming-languages "target="_blank)

The common use of Node.js (47.1%), and AngularJS (44.3%) was also pointed out:

node-js-usageSource: [Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017](/survey/2017#technology-frameworks-libraries-and-other-technologies "target="_blank)

In order to have a clear picture: for the fifth year in a row, JavaScript was the most commonly used programming language and has grown from 57% to the 62% mentioned above, while Node.js was at 8% five years ago. Impressive, right?

languages-over-timeSource: [Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017](/survey/2017#technology-languages-over-time "target="_blank)

It was also curious to note that 40.2% of developers in JavaScript haven’t expressed an interest in continuing, while 59.8% do have an interest in still programming with JavaScript. Furthermore, we have also learned that 14.3% of the respondents are working on Internet or Web services, although it's clear that several other areas make use of JavaScript for application development.

This is further proof of how many people and companies need to address the topic of JavaScript security. If you are one of them and still don’t use Jscrambler to ensure the integrity of your JavaScript code, just [drop us a line](mailto:[email protected] "target="_blank) and we’ll be glad to help.

Along with all of the other areas of the survey, such as company types and career satisfaction, under Work, or education and demographics under Developer Profile, the 2017 edition of the Stack OverFlow Developer Survey is a truly interesting read for anyone who wants to see where they fit in the spectrum of this survey respondents this year or simply want to better understand the landscape of development today.


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