Jscrambler 5.0 is Now Live!

May 31st, 2017 | By Jscrambler | 3 min read

We are proud to announce that Jscrambler 5.0 is now live! We extend our code protection expertise to the webpage, introducing a new layer of security: the Webpage Integrity module - an anti-fraud solution designed to protect web pages.

Webpage Integrity: How it works?

Jscrambler's Webpage Integrity module identifies fraud by detecting malicious tampering and client-side injections to webpages.

Jscrambler gives precise information on what code was injected and where, something that is unprecedented in the cybersecurity market, being an effective tool to prevent and react to a class of attacks that is growing in frequency and complexity, with serious financial consequences and impacting the reputation of companies and governments.

Major key points

  • Protection against MITB, Bots, 0-Day Threats, and APT (Advanced Persistent Threats).

  • Data loss (credentials, private data, payment card Information), poisoning, and DOM-tampering prevention.

  • Removal of known threats on the client-side.

  • Easy-to-use installation on the end device required and always up-to-date.

  • Universal solution that works with all browsers and with all server-side technologies.


What kind of threats does Jscrambler's Webpage Integrity module allow me to detect and block?

Jscrambler can identify any client-side injection (MITB, Malicious Extensions, Client-side XSS, Malicious/Compromised third-party code, etc.), no matter if it is a known injection or a completely new one (0-day attacks).

Man-in-the-Browser attacks, for instance, are one such example where attackers successfully target the device by first deploying Trojans and then being able to tamper with the application. The number of Trojans has been increasing, spreading through phishing campaigns.

Eko and Smartbrowse are recent examples of MITB attacks that made the headlines. Eko, discovered on Facebook Russia in early 2015, spread malware via Facebook direct messages and scam video postings.

Victims were sent links to phishing websites replicating Facebook and YouTube, which prompted users to install video player extensions containing malicious code.

Using our new module, it is possible to remove injections on the spot in real-time and report back in near real-time to the backend of the application, allowing it to react to the threat.

What kind of companies does Jscrambler cater to?

Any organization with an online presence or dealing with sensitive online assets should assume the end-user cannot be trusted.

With Jscrambler in action, they can get precise information on what code was injected and where giving them unprecedented visibility on what's happening on the client-side and is an accurate tool to prevent a class of attacks that are growing in frequency and complexity, with serious financial consequences and impacting the reputation of companies and governments.

What makes Jscrambler different?

Other solutions to this problem have been proposed before but, in contrast to other technologies, Jscrambler’s Webpage Integrity module emerged as a solution that does not look for malware signatures. It looks for changes made to the untampered page and it can detect 0-day threats.

The majority of the solutions available in the market fail because they can be easily tricked or removed from the path of the attacker.

Jscrambler’s Webpage Integrity module is protected by our code protection technology, trusted by more than 30,000 companies and individuals, including Fortune 500 businesses.

This protection technology is unfeasible to trick and difficult to circumvent. Finally, it is plug-and-play, not requiring the installation of anything locally on the client device. It is transparent to the client device and supports all browsers and platforms.

“Having listened to the feedback from many of our customers and continuing our mission to protect the client-side, we felt that this was the right time to upgrade our solution to offer a unique proposition to the market.” - Rui Ribeiro, CEO of Jscrambler


Jscrambler’s new Webpage Integrity module may be the solution to finally ensure that web applications will look and behave as intended on all browsers and devices and that users can run it safely - even in hostile environments as a compromised computer.


The leader in client-side Web security. With Jscrambler, JavaScript applications become self-defensive and capable of detecting and blocking client-side attacks like Magecart.

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