Jscrambler 7.0: Web + Mobile App Protection

June 23rd, 2020 | By Jscrambler | 2 min read

Pick up your smartphone because Jscrambler 7.0 is officially live! To discover what is new, explore the page about our latest features.

Web and Mobile App Protection

With this update, Jscrambler becomes a one-stop shop for protecting web and mobile apps.

By extending our leading JavaScript protection technology to cross-platform frameworks like React Native, Ionic/Cordova, NativeScript, and PWAs, you can seamlessly protect all JavaScript components and native ones.

These integrations are thoroughly documented and extensively tested to ensure a seamless protection process and minimal need for troubleshooting.

App Classification

Another key feature of this major release is App Classification.

Now, when you upload your code to the Jscrambler Web App, you will see an analysis of your app, including its compatibility and frameworks.

Jscrambler uses this metadata with two goals:

  1. First, to seamlessly fine-tune Jscrambler's protection to your specific app.

  2. Second, to provide a new Browser Compatibility feature that will give you complete visibility and control over the compatibility of your protected code. You can set specific browser versions for which you want to ensure compatibility, and Jscrambler will assist you in making sure that the selected transformations match these requirements.

Improved Application Profiling

Jscrambler Profiling allows you to effortlessly improve the performance of your protected code in performance-sensitive apps.

In this 7.0 release, we introduce new Profiling modes to help you persist with the profiling recommendations and integrate Profiling into your CI/CD. You can now also manage the Jscrambler Profiling process through our CLI.

Always Ahead

This release is another milestone in our journey to provide cutting-edge JavaScript Protection.

Not only did we improve the overall usability of our solution, but we now cover all mobile apps, ensuring that organizations will not expose code.

If you haven't already, try Jscrambler for free and see it in action with the support of our security engineers!


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