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Jscrambler Joins FS-ISAC in New Partnership

January 23rd, 2024 | By Jscrambler | 4 min read

Jscrambler has joined FS-ISAC as an affiliate member. This decision signals its commitment to safeguarding financial services organizations from digital skimming, IP theft, and payment risks. This partnership will address the pressing need for advanced client-side protection and compliance within the global financial sector.

Mitigating JavaScript risk in financial services with client-side protection

As the financial services industry increasingly relies on JavaScript to enhance web experiences and functionality, first- and third-party JavaScript risk mitigation has become a top priority.

It’s not uncommon for financial organizations to have public-facing websites with over 50 third-party tags from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Adobe with 10,000+ data access attempts unknown to application, information security, and compliance teams. 

Jscrambler has a proven track record working with global financial institutions to address these critical needs for proactive measures to secure applications that rely on JavaScript, safeguarding sensitive data while ensuring the uninterrupted delivery of financial services and consumer trust.

Jscrambler pioneered the concept of client-side protection for JavaScript, being the first company to provide comprehensive JavaScript obfuscation and third-party tag protection while helping organizations achieve PCI DSS v4.0 compliance.

Ten years into the journey, our track record of industry-first innovations and continuous advancements has firmly established Jscrambler as the unrivaled leader in the Client-Side Protection and Compliance Platform category. Jscrambler provides financial institutions unparalleled security, enabling them to fortify their JavaScript code against emerging threats.

As a new FS-ISAC partner, Jscrambler is offering all members a free trial of its industry-leading client-side protection and compliance Platform to assess five essential requirements:

  1. Comprehensive coverage of first-party code obfuscation and third-party vendor tag data control.

  2. Best-of-breed capabilities.

  3. Enforcement of a company-wide client-side protection policy.

  4. Top-notch performance.

  5. Trusted JavaScript expertise.

Looking Ahead with FS-ISAC

FS-ISAC is a non-profit, member-driven organization dedicated to enhancing cybersecurity and resilience in the worldwide financial system. Their mission is to safeguard financial institutions and the individuals served by them.

Their headquarters is based in the US, with offices in the UK and Singapore, with membership spanning approximately 70 countries.

Jscrambler: a member of the FS-ISAC affiliate program

Jscrambler is excited to actively participate in FS-ISAC working groups dedicated to addressing cybersecurity challenges in the financial industry.

As part of our commitment to ongoing collaboration and knowledge sharing, we are excited to engage with industry experts and stakeholders at the upcoming FS-ISAC’s 2024 Americas Spring Summit in San Diego, California, USA (March 3-6).

Together, we aim to stay ahead of evolving threats and reinforce the resilience of financial services against JavaScript-related risks.


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