Jscrambler to partner with PCI Security Standards Council to help secure payment data worldwide

March 21st, 2023 | By Jscrambler | 2 min read

Jscrambler has joined the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) as a new Principal Participating Organization. Jscrambler will help drive the future of global payment security with a strategic level of leadership, participation, and influence with the Council.

Jscrambler joined the PCI Security Standards Council

PCI SSC leads the global effort to increase payment security by providing flexible, industry-driven, and effective data security standards and programs. Global industry collaboration is critical to this mission.

The Council’s Participating Organizations program brings together industry leaders to strategize about how to protect payment data from the latest threats and anticipate the needs of an ever-changing payment ecosystem.

As a Principal Participating Organization, Jscrambler will provide strategic direction to help shape the future of the Council. Jscrambler will impact the direction of PCI SSC standards, drive technical discussions, and have input into Council initiatives.

“Every day, companies and organizations across the globe face an ever-changing payment landscape with new and evolved threats attacking their systems and data", said Lance Johnson, Executive Director of the PCI Security Standards Council.

By joining as a Principal Participating Organization, Jscrambler will have a significant impact on how the PCI SSC helps them address these challenges, especially the direction and development of PCI Security Standards and resources that help organizations prevent, detect, and mitigate attacks on global payment data.

We are delighted to partner with an organization that is focused on the global struggle for secure payments,” said Rui Ribeiro, CEO and Co-founder of Jscrambler. “As the industry prepares for two new requirements under PCI DSS v4, we know that more attention than ever will be placed on securing third-party JavaScript on payment pages. We’re excited to work with the community to protect end-users from the risk of web skimming and other cyber-attacks that stem from a lack of payment security.”

About the PCI Security Standards Council

The PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) leads a global, cross-industry effort to increase payment security by providing industry-driven, flexible, and effective data security standards and programs that help businesses detect, mitigate, and prevent cyberattacks and breaches.

Connect with the PCI SSC on LinkedIn. Join the conversation on Twitter @PCISSC. Subscribe to the PCI Perspectives Blog.

Jscrambler is helping companies comply with PCI DSS v4.0

Jscrambler's free tool helps Merchants achieve compliance with requirements 6.4.3 and 11.6.1 of PCD DSS v4.0 and QSAs to validate compliance.

The only solution developed by

  • A PCI SSC Principal Participating Organization.

  • A member of the PCI SSC Board of Advisors.

  • A company with more than a decade of experience protecting JavaScript.

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