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April 4th, 2017 | By Jscrambler | 2 min read

Jscrambler has been supporting communities all over the world for a while now. Remember the time we sponsored [Girl Develop It](/girls-develop-theyre-damn-good/ "target="_blank), a non-profit organization that supports women inclusion in the world of web development?

This time, we are proud to announce that tomorrow, 5th April, [Pedro Fortuna](/pedrofortuna "target="_blank), our CTO and Co-Founder, will be the guest of Porto Startup Coffee #69 and also a speaker in the panel "From 1M to 100M" with BySide and AdClick at Founders Founders Inauguration. 👏

porto-startup-coffee[Porto Startup Coffee](/pt-BR/PortoStartupCoffee "target="_blank) are regular informal meetups in Porto (Portugal), for entrepreneurs, investors, and people interested in entrepreneurship in general - everyone is welcome! The idea is to give people the chance to have a place and time where they can have a coffee or beer after work and network with interesting folks while strengthening their networks by meeting fellow entrepreneurs and discussing how they can launch companies and make them successful.

This meetup edition will have a new venue - [Porto Innovation Hub](/en "target="_blank).
RSVP [here](/pt-BR/PortoStartupCoffee/events/233428842/ "target="_blank)!

founders-founders-logoSecondly, also happening tomorrow, 5th April, [Founders Founders](/ "target="_blank) is officially opening the doors after one year of joy and hard work and [Pedro Fortuna](/pedrofortuna "target="_blank), our CTO and Co-Founder, will be a speaker in the panel "From 1M to 100M" with BySide and AdClick. Just so you know, Founders Founders is a community of inspiring companies, entrepreneurs, biz experts, investors, journalists and more. This community promotes a sharing culture, with the particularity of being made by founders and for an advanced stage of growth companies as they have all passed the startup phase, having a solid business validation and still growing.

This will be a unique opportunity to celebrate the growth of the startup/scaleup ecosystem in Portugal, where Jscrambler will represent the more mature scaleups based in Porto and will discuss the challenges inherent to their growth. The event will also be attended by João Vasconcelos (Secretary of State of Industry of Portuguese Republic) and Rui Moreira (Mayor of Porto).

The inauguration will take place at the Founders House.
Schedule of the event [here](/e/founders-founders-inauguration-tickets-32860665134 "target="_blank)!

Busy day, huh? 😉
See you tomorrow!


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