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Understanding JavaScript Obfuscation [INFOGRAPHIC]

November 3rd, 2020 | By Jscrambler | 1 min read

JavaScript Obfuscation isn't an easy client-side security topic to address.

Playing a role in delivering long-term efficacy and facing many deobfuscation challenges, obfuscation fortifies defenses and hides the real functionality and intent of the code.

Is it possible to obfuscate JavaScript?

Many still dismiss obfuscation on the basis that obscurity isn't a security while ignoring the fact that obfuscation is a security recommendation by OWASP, which states:

“In order to prevent effective reverse engineering, you must use an obfuscation tool.”

As more businesses ship relevant business logic and sensitive data on the client side, JavaScript obfuscation provides an excellent first line of defense against reverse engineering and tampering attempts.

What is JavaScript obfuscation?

How can we compare different obfuscation tools?

There are many obfuscation tools, from free options to long-term investments.

Find these and other answers in the infographic below. See the comparison of the cons and pros of strong versus weak JavaScript obfuscators. Explore more about the JS obfuscator's definitions, among other tips and information.

This infographic is the first step to understanding how JS can be obfuscated.


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