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Protect your website from data breaches

Magecart and similar attacks can steal your customers' data.

Injected ads are diverting your users to competitor websites.

Malware is stealing data and affecting online transactions.

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Price Comparison Ads Injected Into A Website

Remove Price Comparison Ads Injected Into your Website

You may be losing the attention of your users and their money to your biggest competitors. Your conversion rate can be affected everyday and so can your reputation. Stop displaying 3rd party ads that are ruining your sales funnel.

Credentials Theft in Online Transactions

Prevent Credentials Theft in Transactions or Forms

The users of your website can be infected without their knowledge. Hackers can leverage this to make your users perform actions on their behalf. Users can unwillingly expose their PII and other sensitive data while completing transactions. This will happen on your website and they will hold you responsible.

Don't wait any longer to check how your users are seeing your website