Get Visibility Into Third-Party Scripts


The average website has more than 35 third-party scripts from different of vendors, and each of those can have dozens of fourth-party components. Most companies have no visibility into what these scripts are doing, creating a security blind spot. All JavaScript has equal power on your webpage or application. This means it can do a lot of things without anyone's knowledge like:

Harvest user data;

Add extra code or tamper with other code;

Modify web page behavior, tricking users into doing something they don’t want to;

Contact external domains to exfiltrate.


 Jscrambler's Webpage Integrity solution provides easy and immediate visualization of all scripts running on a webpage or application. It provides an effective degree of risk and immediately flags all behaviors understood as undesirable or suspicious so you can rapidly respond.

Identify every script and network request happening on each user session to simplify threat analysis;

List of vendors and scripts that are touching sensitive data;

List of threats and risks associated with each vendor taking into account how critical the data is;

Risk of PII, PCI, or PHI being accessed/transferred by a vendor;

List of sensitive data that has been exposed, in which sections, and how.

Why Jscrambler?

Jscrambler has been focused on client-side security since 2010. Today our expertise includes securing all first and third-party code. Visibility into the scripts on your website is the first step towards client-side protection and Jscrambler’s technology is the most advanced in doing it.

Visibility over all the scripts running on the website

Awareness of any misbehavior that may involve sensitive data

Prioritization of each script's degree of risk based on its behavior

Business Outcomes

Jscrambler displays detailed information about every script and network request happening on each user session in order to simplify threat analysis.

Prevention of undesired script behavior - accidental or intentional.

Situational awareness to make decisions about threat mitigation

Protection of sensitive user data

Reduction in dwell time and response time

About Jscrambler

Jscrambler is a leading authority in client-side security software. We defend enterprises from revenue and reputational harm caused by accidental or intentional interference from third-parties. Jscrambler has over 10 years of experience in client-side application protection and has protected +1 million app builds and +2 billion user sessions. 

Jscrambler’s customers include the FORTUNE 500, retailers, airlines, banks, and other enterprises whose success depends on safely engaging with their customers online.